Going Above And Beyond

AMAX Advantages

The Open Compute Project (OCP) was developed by Facebook to build the most efficient data center infrastructure with the greatest operational cost savings. With a selection of versatile OCP platforms geared towards a variety of business-facing applications, AMAX offers these major differentiators to give OCP customers maximum value and time to market.

Engineering Expertise

AMAX engineers work directly with clients to evaluate specific project parameters, including data center infrastructure, scale projection, workload, applications, onsite installation and support requirements in order to develop an optimal configuration design and project proposal. Because every data center is unique, our approach is to uniquely consider each OCP deployment for maximum efficiency and optimization.

Regulatory Compliance

With decades of experience working closely with National Recognized Test Labs (NRTL), AMAX will handle the entire certification process in order to meet stringent compliance and regulatory standards such as UL, FCC, CE, TUV, RoHS, etc. on your behalf. This includes conformity assessment, product listing, and follow-up services and documentation. Our expertise and experience will ensure your products meet industry standards anywhere in the world, expediting time-to-market by eliminating non-compliance issues.

Total Solutions

AMAX does more than rack and stack hardware: from initial engineering evaluation and design for optimized design architecture, to building complete racks fully tested at the component, system and cluster level, to installing and validating OS solutions such as Hadoop distributions and OpenStack, AMAX delivers fully integrated solutions that are ready to start generating returns immediately.


AMAX prides itself in on-time delivery. All sales cycles begin with a project plan detailing deliverables and milestones, updated daily with full transparency to ensure deadlines are met, and to quickly adjust to any changing project factors.

Design Flexibility

AMAX can provide data center solutions based on any OCP architecture, standard architecture or hybrid design (e.g. OCP compute rack with SSD storage rack). During the initial engineering evaluation, AMAX will work closely with customers to determine the architecture that provides optimal efficiency and flexibility.

Global Footprint

With strategic sites in Silicon Valley, Ireland and China, AMAX can quickly deploy OCP solutions anywhere in the world. All sites are capable of serving as a manufacturing location or logistics hub. For customers with global locations or worldwide customers, AMAX can leverage its global presence to efficiently distribute solutions to your designated delivery point.

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