One Platform Solution

featuring [SMART]DC Data Center Manager

AMAX One Platform is the most dynamic and powerful offering in AMAX’s SMART OCP Solutions line. Utilizing a rack infrastructure capable of supporting battery backup for high availability or maximum power capacity up to 24kW, One Platform’s unique modular building block design allows server racks to be easily reconfigured and repurposed to support different applications such as Cloud, Big Data, Storage or High Performance Computing. One Platform is also integrated with AMAX’s [SMART]DC Data Center Manager software for Tier 1 solution manageability and intelligent policy-based resource/power management capabilities.

Key Features

Modularity For Multiple Applications

Utilize the same rack and node building blocks to run multiple applications within the same rack, or easily reconfigure racks for different applications, such as Cloud, Big Data, High Performance Computing, and Software-Defined Storage.

Highest Compute Density

The availability of up to 24kW power capacity per rack means the ability to consolidate more compute power into a single rack. Hyperscale data centers can do more with fewer racks for major TCO savings.

Intelligent Data Center Management

[SMART]DC Data Center Manager software provides intelligent resource/power management features orchestrated through a user-friendly GUI. [SMART]DC is compatible with all major server brands to manage entire data centers through a single management pane.

Long Term Infrastructure Solution

OCP solutions are inherently designed to provide industry-best year-over-year operational cost savings compared to traditional infrastructures. By standardizing the server sled design as well as the integration of the power supplies into the racks, only components such as CPU, memory, motherboard and networking cards need to be replaced during maintenance or upgrade cycles.

Versatile Setup

AMAX’s One Platform features a modular power shelf design that can be configured into three setup modes.

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