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[SMART]DC Data Center Manager

One Box To Rule Them All

"The [SMART]DC Data Center Manager has been a key technology to protect our hardware investment and ensure productivity by monitoring our Deep Learning racks across our data center, identifying problems and node failures before critical issues arise. It provides valuable data and automated features for us to get the most performance and efficiency out of our infrastructure."


“Initially installed for remote server and in-rack battery management, we quickly found that [SMART]DC is a key asset for GPU deployments. When [SMART]DC reported anomalous GPU server inlet temperatures, temperatures were so high we thought there was a problem with the temperature sensors. It allowed us to discover we had a severe issue with the room’s cooling system. To protect our investment, we are now using [SMART]DC’s intelligent policies feature to automatically shut down equipment in times of insufficient cooling.”


As data centers scale at an unprecedented rate, they require an all-encompassing management solution that can streamline operations, while providing intelligent software-defined power and cost saving features. AMAX's [SMART]DC Data Center Manager is the premier out-of-band DCIM solution to consolidate and optimize the modern day heterogeneous data center.

[SMART]DC Data Center Manager Software

Built on a robust and field proven software platform, [SMART]DC Data Center Manager seamlessly manages traditional hardware and white box server platforms using a single pane of glass, whether through a user-friendly GUI, command line or integration into existing software via API. Features such as policy-based power/resource management and advanced analytics will empower you to make data-driven decisions to optimize data center operations and achieve up to 30% in power savings.

Additionally, [SMART]DC is optimized for power-dense GPU-based deployments, such as Deep Learning and HPC infrastructures (read full case study here), where real time temperature, power and system health monitoring are critical to ensure uninterrupted operation and shorter iteration cycles.

With [SMART]DC, managing a highly-efficient data center and achieving significant operational cost savings has never been so easy. Want some hands on experience? Register today for a free test drive that lets you explore [SMART]DC features inside a virtual data center.

Infonetics Research, a technology market research firm, found in a 2015 survey that businesses are losing $4 million a year to downtime on average. Among common causes of downtime are server/driver related system hang-ups and hardware failures in power supply, memory, fan, etc. When any of these links in your data infrastructure is down, you can’t count on detecting or fixing the problem within the same resource.

This is why out-of-band Data Center Infrastructure Management solutions are integral to today’s data centers. AMAX’s [SMART]DC Data Center Manager is the premier out-of-band DCIM solution for the modern day heterogeneous data centers. Unlike an in-band DCIM, [SMART]DC uses agentless communication through the BMC management port, independent of a server’s availability, and can address failures directly and efficiently.

Out-Of-Band Monitoring, Trending and Controlling

  • Universal Management: Highly compatible across all major server platforms, including traditional hardware and white box server platforms. Unified management solution for today’s increasingly heterogeneous data centers.
  • HPC-Optimized: Well-suited for power-dense GPU-based deployments, such as HPC and Deep Learning infrastructures.
  • Out-Of-Band: Communication is agentless through the BMC management port, independent of server OS. Does not consume CPU resources or interfere with applications.
  • Real-Time Reporting: Track real-time server activity, power consumption, and thermal trends. Gain insights needed for data center power and efficiency management and future capacity planning without having to rely on additional sensors or meters.
  • Integrated Health Monitoring: Detect, locate, and identify server health issues. Receive alerts for overcooling and hotspots of data room before they become incidents to improve uptime.
  • Security: Set user and group privileges for access control and rights management.
  • Density: Maximize server count per rack based on power consumption analytics to improve rack space efficiency.
  • Call Home: Supports add-on embedded service notification feature for AMAX hardware to expedite break/fix services.

Power Savings

  • Ghost Busting: Automatically flag idle and underutilized servers for consolidation or repurposing.

Virtual KVM

  • Virtual KVM: Administer, provision, and diagnose servers from anywhere through remote KVM.

Versatile Interface

  • Web GUI: Intuitive and configurable web dashboard.
  • Command Line Interface: Access all functions via command line interface (CLI).
  • API Access: Exposure of all API features for integration into your existing management interface, with zero code modification needed.