StorMax ™ Open SDS

Flexible Storage Solution

Software Defined Storage

StorMax™ Open SDS is a cost effective storage solution that provides Enterprise customers with a scale out distributed storage architecture to support the need for unified storage on Object, Block, and File System. Coupled with an open-source Ceph package, StorMax™ Open SDS is designed to solve your storage pain points while representing the next generation of storage architecture. Key features include:

  • A cost effective and flexible storage solution based on Open Compute (OCP) server architecture.
  • Distributed data storage system, where data is replicated and striped across the storage cluster.
  • Highly scalable and available with autonomous and self-healing capabilities due to Ceph’s design of intelligent OSD daemon.
  • An integrated storage solution that combines extreme reliability and flexibility with ease of management for IT operations.
  • Free of charge distribution model, allowing companies to get away from legacy subscription models.

Demand For Open Source Storage

The need for data storage is increasing while companies struggle to contain the cost of their overhead and overall hardware footprint. By 2020, analysts estimate storage requirements will increase 8 to 10 times. Open Compute Platform designs are trending towards the standard of commodity servers for Enterprise usage due to their operational efficiency, modularity to allow ease of repurposing server nodes, and long-term cost-efficient scalability.

Simplifying Data Management

Ceph is a highly reliable, agile and easy to manage open source software package for IT operations. Ceph's design of intelligent OSD daemon enables the StorMax™ Open SDS to be autonomous and self-healing. This software-defined storage cluster solution provides a scale out architecture with distributed storage to support the need for a unified storage on Object, Block, and File System. With OCP platforms as the basis for its architecture, StorMax™ Open SDS is a fully integrated, hyperscale storage solution that can also be a part of a converged cloud platform.

StorMax™ Open SDS Innovation

This solution embodies the latest and greatest in integrated data center and storage technology, as the industry moves away from legacy hardware and towards converged, software-defined architectures. Thanks to Ceph's free open source feature, companies who use StorMax™ Open SDS will have full control of their solution from software down to hardware, no matter the number of users or how massive the data.

  • Frees companies from vendor lock-in and sticker shock with expensive subscription renewals typical of legacy Tier 1 storage solutions.
  • Maximum flexibility, ease of maintenance, operation, and control on cost overhead.
  • A more efficient way to scale and manage their growing storage without sacrificing reliability and availability.
  • Designed to be a cloud storage solution and to easily scale by adding more compute node power as data grows.

Unique Functionalities

With the Ceph package, software defined storage is a breakthrough to Enterprise customers and to the industry. StorMax™ Open SDS takes advantage recent developments in hardware and cloud software technology to provide an alternative to legacy Tier 1 storage offerings.

  • Available for both OCP and traditional 19" architectures.
  • Scalable and highly available with autonomous and self-healing capabilities due to Ceph’s design of intelligent OSD daemon.
  • Flexibility and cost savings can fit the smallest storage requirements well up to over a single Petabyte in a single rack.
  • Integrates white box hardware, open switching and open-source software to give customers more freedom of choice in how they want to build, scale and maintain their storage infrastructure.

Reference Architectures

StorMax™ Open SDS scale out building block consists of two OCP 2OU Winterfell OSD nodes integrated with a LSI HBA, 10G Ethernet for the cluster fabric and with support of up to six SSDs to increase IOPS performance. Mated to each of the OCP node is a 2OU Knox JBOD drive array, capable of providing 15 volume storage SAS drives to each OSD node.

The 10G fabric is switched by means of an x48 port 10G edge switch. Keeping the overall "open" architecture consistent, AMAX has incorporated white box open switching to this design. White box switching technology provides our customers with the flexibility to choose switch architectures and the switch OS for a fully integrated and converged solution. Housing and powering up all this gear is accomplished by our Open Rack. This rack is integrated with a redundant power shelf and the necessary 12V bus bars to efficiently power up the OCP hardware.

Open Compute (OCP) Reference Architecture

Standard 19" Reference Architecture

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