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AMAX StorMax™ SDS Solutions deliver unified file and block storage services with enterprise-grade data management functionality. The solutions are designed to scale from tens of terabyte to petabyte configurations, and are seamlessly integrated with NexentaStor, Nexenta's flagship Software-Defined Storage (SDS) platform, enabling enterprise customers around the world to transform their data storage infrastructure, increasing flexibility and agility, simplifying management, and dramatically reducing storage infrastructure costs without compromising on Availability, Reliability, or Functionality.

StorMax™ SDS appliances support enterprise workloads in both physical and virtual infrastructures including:

  • Databases and Transactional Enterprise Applications
  • Virtual Machines / Virtual Desktops
  • Enterprise File Servers
  • High Performance Digital Media Applications
  • Cloud Backend
  • NFS / Block Backup
  • Large-Scale Archive Repositories

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