Mission Statement

As a global solutions partner at the forefront of technology, AMAX’s mission is to provide best in class solutions and partner services to meet our customers’ needs. With over 35 years supporting the Fortune 1000 and some of the hottest startups and technology brands around the world, AMAX specializes in highly-efficient, next generation server and rack-integrated computing platforms geared towards optimizing OPEX and CAPEX. As a full service partner, AMAX has the ability to provide full cycle support from platform design and global manufacturing, to global logistics and support.

Whether you choose one of our award-winning standard products for Cloud, Data Center, and GPU Powered, HPC and Deep Learning deployments, or utilize our OEM services to develop unique custom-branded server or converged rack appliances, the AMAX team will work closely with you to tailor solutions and support programs to ensure your success.


AMAX offers a number of flexible solutions for cloud infrastructure development. From modular cloud servers and SDN-ready open switches to converged cloud infrastructures and OpenStack software & support, AMAX is the partner you can trust to build a reliable, cost-optimized cloud infrastructure.

Data Center

AMAX data centers solutions are the key to a highly efficient, modern data center based on the most flexible and scalable design concepts. All data center solutions can be managed through AMAX’s [SMART]DC Data Center Manager software to maximize power efficiency and resource management.


With hyperscale production facilities around the globe, AMAX builds top notch server appliances for today’s hottest startups and biggest names in Security, Networking, Storage, Media and Virtualization. With a full menu of services, AMAX provides end to end support for your appliance products and service programs, from design to manufacturing to logistics and support.

High Performance Computing

As an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider and Intel HPC Data Center Specialist, AMAX has access to the most powerful HPC technologies in the world. From HPC clusters, to cutting edge Machine and Deep Learning platforms, AMAX gives organizations unlimited HPC configuration options and virtualization capabilities, optimized for every high performance computing application.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

Whether you need small form factor or high performance edge devices, or a highly reliable and efficient cloud infrastructure capable of real-time data processing and analytics, AMAX provides forward-thinking companies the solutions they need to support the data and device convergence that will make up the Internet of Things.

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