AMAX is a global solutions partner specializing in highly-efficient, next generation server and rack-integrated computing platforms geared towards optimizing OPEX and CAPEX. Choose from our award-winning solutions for Cloud, Data Center, HPC and Deep Learning deployments, or utilize our OEM services to develop unique custom-branded server or converged rack appliances. With a commitment to the highest manufacturing quality and a full suite of partner services configurable to specific business requirements, AMAX invests in your success.


Optimized for Cloud, Deep Learning, Big Data, IoT and leading Data Center applications, AMAX IT solutions achieve the highest standards of efficiency, performance, and design flexibility.


Browse by Data Center Building Blocks, workstations, or networking form factors to build a custom configuration.



Turnkey Server Appliances

With highly nimble many-mix manufacturing capabilities, a global footprint and a full menu of value-added OEM services, AMAX is the appliance manufacturer of choice for today’s hottest software startups and market leaders. Specializing in New Product Introduction (NPI) of server and converged rack appliances, AMAX serves as your full-service partner to successfully bring new products to market.
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