AMAX is a global solutions partner specializing in highly-efficient, next generation workstation, server and cluster computing platforms geared towards optimizing OPEX and CAPEX. Choose from our award-winning solutions for Cloud, Data Center, and GPU Powered, HPC & Deep Learning deployments, or utilize our OEM services to develop unique custom-branded server or converged rack appliances. With a commitment to the highest manufacturing quality and a full suite of partner services configurable to specific business requirements, AMAX invests in your success.


Optimized for Cloud, Deep Learning, Big Data, IoT and leading Data Center applications, AMAX IT solutions achieve the highest standards of efficiency, performance, and design flexibility.


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Turnkey Server Appliances

With highly nimble many-mix manufacturing capabilities, a global footprint and a full menu of value-added OEM services, AMAX is the appliance manufacturer of choice for today’s hottest software startups and market leaders. Specializing in New Product Introduction (NPI) of server and converged rack appliances, AMAX serves as your full-service partner to successfully bring new products to market.


“AMAX was instrumental in helping us move off a costly AWS monthly spend to a performance-optimized, on-premise GPU infrastructure featuring their MATRIX products for our Deep Learning workloads. They designed everything from the high-compute density platforms, to optimizing the networking and cooling within our racks to avoid various potential performance bottlenecks.”

“Our requirement for computational power, power density as well as network speed are very different from conventional servers. AMAX was able to deliver a rackscale GPU-based solution with comprehensive power management, ultra-fast network speed and, what is even better, a fully customized Deep Learning solution that solved our problem above and beyond what we thought we were looking for.”

“Through years of working with AMAX, we’ve found their innovation and dedication to quality to exceed expectations. When any issues arise, AMAX not only informs us about a problem but is always prepared with a solution, making them truly proactive partners. AMAX characterizes the highest integrity - whatever AMAX has promised, they have delivered. A rare company whose status quo is consistently to go above and beyond, AMAX is a company that we have trusted for their reliability.”

“The AMAX GPU solution is working beautifully and we were very impressed with the quality. Overall, we feel very supported by AMAX and would be happy to purchase from them again.”

“AMAX delivered hardware for our Equity Risk Management Group’s Monte Carlo-based financial market simulation analysis. It was done under pressure of project time limits as well as technological requirements to use NVIDIA Tesla GPU cards. AMAX engineers demonstrated flexibility and high technical level of attention to our custom Grid design needs, with detailed custom implementation.”

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