From the Datacenter to the Intelligent Edge, we engineer your Enterprise AI and Liquid Cooling computing solutions

We utilize our extensive engineering expertise in electronics, electrical, networking, HPC, thermal management, liquid cooling, and storage solutions to tailor a comprehensive computing solution, encompassing both hardware and software, to address and fulfill the unique challenges and computing requirements of our customers.​

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Building Next-Generation GPU Cluster Solutions for AI

Building your AI initiatives with AMAX's GPU clusters and HPC infrastructure, designed for rapid customization and deployment of AI models at scale.

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Artificial Intelligence

AMAX’s AI solutions are redefining enterprise LLM Deployment, and driving innovation, all while granting a competitive edge in today’s dynamic market.

Liquid Cooling

AMAX’s liquid cooling solutions transform data centers, optimizing performance while reducing costs, unlocking new capabilities, and decreasing environmental impact.


AMAX engineers advanced compute solutions tailored for industries such as semiconductor manufacturing, telecom, healthcare, government, and higher education.


AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met, but exceeded our wildest expectations. With the AMAX GPU cluster, the performance factor increase has been roughly 120-150x! Our computation equations typically took months to return a result, and not with the AMAX GPU cluster we can get those results within hours.
Samsung has received impeccable service from AMAX on everything from technical support, product consultation, to deployment guidance and after-sales service of the highest quality Deep Learning GPU servers. We feel well-supported on every aspect of our product development and expect further collaboration with AMAX.
For Attivo Networks, a VC funded award-winning Network Security Startup, it was important for us to find a global Contract Manufacturer that was nimble and able to partner with us at every phase of our rapid growth. The ongoing outstanding support and partnership over the past six years from the AMAX cross functional team and senior management is a “Customer Delight”!
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About AMAX Engineering

At AMAX, we turn your most complex IT challenges into advanced computing solutions.

We Design industrial manufacturing HPCs that can withstand earthquakes, transmit zero outside heat, and run at whisper quiet operational noise levels – to conduct photolithography, shooting lasers onto semiconductor wafers at the atomic scale.

We Build AI supercomputers operating at the exascale, trained on hundreds of billions of speech parameters, converting typed text into audio indistinguishable from human speech.

We Deploy Liquid cooled data centers at the edge. Built in shipping containers on oil fields, these data centers run on flared methane gas, powering life changing data.

Our deployment strategy is designed to prioritize customer flexibility. With remote testing capabilities, your team can easily adopt our infrastructure solutions right from your workspace.

After the initial implementation, AMAX ensures continuous support and fine-tuning, keeping our AI infrastructure solutions aligned with your evolving business requirements.

1. What is AMAX Engineering's focus?

AMAX Engineering specializes in designing IT infrastructure solutions, with a focus on AI applications, industrial computing, and advanced liquid cooling technologies. By leveraging intelligent engineering design, AMAX transforms IT components into specialized products, offering tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients.

2. How can AMAX's solutions benefit my business?

AMAX's solutions are designed to optimize your IT infrastructure for efficiency, reliability, and scalability. Our AI and industrial computing solutions enable advanced data processing and analytics capabilities, while our liquid cooling technologies ensure your systems operate at optimal temperatures, extending their lifespan and reducing energy consumption.

3. What makes AMAX's liquid cooling technology stand out?

Our liquid cooling technology stands out by offering personalized solutions custom-built to fit your business, space, and infrastructure needs. Our comprehensive approach spans data center to component levels, ensuring optimal performance, reliability, and energy efficiency. With complete consultation services, AMAX delivers efficient and environmentally conscious cooling solutions at every scale.

4. How do I integrate AMAX's solutions into my existing IT infrastructure?

Integrating AMAX's solutions involves a consultative process where our experts assess your current infrastructure and identify areas for improvement. We then design a customized plan that incorporates our AI solution, industrial computing, or our liquid cooling technologies into your setup, ensuring continuous operation and enhanced performance.

5. Can AMAX provide support for its solutions post-installation?

Yes, AMAX offers comprehensive support for all our solutions post-installation. Our team of experts is available to assist with any technical issues, provide maintenance tips, and advise on upgrades to keep your IT infrastructure running efficiently. Our support ensures that you maximize the benefits of our solutions over their entire lifecycle.

6. How can I get started with AMAX Engineering?

Getting started with AMAX Engineering is straightforward. Contact our sales team to schedule a consultation. During this meeting, we'll discuss your needs, evaluate your current IT infrastructure, and propose a customized solution that aligns with your business objectives. Our team will guide you through every step of the process, from design to implementation and beyond.

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