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Deep Learning is the fastest-growing segment of the machine learning/artificial intelligence field. It features the development of complex, multi-layered algorithms based on Deep Neural Networks (DNN) to achieve critical breakthroughs in object recognition, facial recognition, and image/voice/speech recognition, as well as machine translation, Big Data analytics and natural language processing. The transformative impact of Deep Learning technology affects every industry, from security and social media to retail, finance and IoT (Internet of Things).

AMAX's award-winning Deep Learning Series feature both workstation and high-performance server form factors specifically designed to fast track Deep Learning algorithm development and training. Powered by NVIDIA® GPGPUs for maximum TFlops of single precision, half precision and INT8 precision, AMAX's Deep Learning series are the most powerful Deep Learning platforms on the market. All AMAX Deep Learning solutions come pre-bundled with:

  • Software tools including TensorFlow, Caffe, Torch, Theano, BIDMach, cuDNN v2, NVIDIA-qualified driver, NVIDIA® CUDA® Toolkit 8.0
  • NVIDIA® DIGITS software featuring powerful design, training, and visualization of deep neural networks for image classification
  • Model FF CPU GPU Storage Networking Ref #
    DL-E200 µWS 1x E5-1600/2600v4 2x GTX 1080
    GTX 1080Ti
    3x 2.5/3.5” drives
    LSI3008 12Gb/s SAS HBA
    Intel X540 Dual 10GbE Q174761
    DL-E400 WS 1x E5-1600/2600v5 4x GTX 1080
    GTX 1080Ti
    2x 5.25”, 2x3.5”
    4x 2.5” bays
    10x SATA 6Gb/s
    Intel X550 Dual 10GbE
    Dual 1GbE
    DL-E280 2U 2x E5-2600v4 8x Tesla P40 6x 2.5" hot swap
    2x 2.5"NVMe
    2x 10G Q172696
    DL-E380 3U* 2x E5-2600v4 8x Tesla P40 6x 2.5" hot swap
    1x M.2
    2x 1G, 10G opt.
    IB FDR opt.
    DL-E480 4U* 2x E5-2600v4 8x Tesla P40 24x 2.5" hot swap 2x 1G (opt. 1)
    2x 10G (opt. 2)
    DGX-1 2U 2x E5-2698v3 8x P100 Nvlink 4x 1.92TB SSD 2x 10G
    4x IB EDR

    *Additional 1U for custom cover if deployed with GTX cards

    Deep Learning Solutions feature NVIDIA® GTX 1080/1080Ti, NVIDIA® Quadro P5000,NVIDIA® Tesla P100 PCIe,NVIDIA® Tesla P100 NVlink, and NVIDIA® Tesla P40 GPUs. Other cards also available based on validation.

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