Liquid Cooled Workstations

Liquid Cooled Workstations
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An AI-ready workstation is a specialized computer or server designed to manage compute-intensive artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning tasks. This type of workstation delivers substantially better performance than conventional workstations by utilizing multiple graphical processing units (GPUs).

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The escalating demand for data science and AI solutions requires liquid-cooled workstations, engineered to excel in processing vast volumes of data and complex deep learning tasks efficiently. These systems leverage liquid cooling technology to manage the immense heat generated by multiple GPUs working in tandem, ensuring optimal performance without thermal throttling. Beyond enhancing processing capabilities, liquid-cooled workstations offer a solution to the thermal challenges posed by high-frequency operations, making them crucial for secure, on-premise AI work. By enabling sustained peak performance in a secure local environment, liquid-cooled workstations address both the computational and security needs of modern data science and AI projects.

Liquid Cooled AI Ready Workstations

LiquidMax™ LX-5a

Liquid Cooled 4x NVIDIA GPUs and Dual 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable Series Processors

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LiquidMax™ LX-5a

Equipped with Dual 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable series processors and NVIDIA GPUs (A800, H100, L40S, Ada 6000), this workstation supports up to 1TB DDR5 memory and offers 8 hot-swappable drives, including NVMe options. With 2 x 1GbE networking and advanced liquid cooling, it's ideal for AI and data science professionals needing top-tier performance.

Who Needs a Liquid Cooled AI Workstation?

Liquid cooled AI workstations cater to a diverse array of professionals and sectors, each with unique computational needs:

  • Data Scientists and AI Researchers: For those developing and training complex machine learning models, AI workstations offer the computational power necessary to process large datasets efficiently.
  • Creative Professionals: Artists and designers leveraging AI in their workflows for tasks such as 3D rendering and video editing benefit greatly from the enhanced processing capabilities of AI workstations.
  • Academic Institutions: Universities and research labs rely on AI workstations to provide the computational resources needed for both teaching and conducting cutting-edge research.
  • Healthcare Sector: In fields like genomics and drug discovery, AI workstations facilitate the analysis of vast amounts of data to uncover insights faster.
  • Engineering and Simulation: Engineers across aerospace, automotive, and civil sectors use AI workstations for simulations and predictive modeling, requiring high computational accuracy and speed.

Choosing the Right GPUs for your AI Workstations

GPUs are the heart of AI workstations, offering parallel processing capabilities that vastly outperform traditional CPUs in tasks related to AI and machine learning.

GPU Model Architecture Memory CUDA Cores Tensor Cores RT Cores Memory Bandwidth TDP
NVIDIA H100 Hopper 80 GB HBM3 14592 528 N/A 2 TB/s 350W
NVIDIA L40S Ada Lovelace 48 GB GDDR6 18176 568 142 864 GB/s 350W
NVIDIA A800 Ampere 80 GB HBM2e 10752 336 84 2 TB/s N/A
NVIDIA RTX A6000 Ampere 48 GB GDDR6 10752 336 84 768 GB/s 300W

Essential Features of AI Workstations

When selecting an AI workstation, consider these key features to ensure optimal performance:

  • High Performance GPUs: Choose a workstation with the GPU power suited to your specific AI and machine learning tasks.
  • High-Speed Memory and Storage: Ample RAM and fast SSDs are crucial for handling large datasets and ensuring smooth operation.
  • Advanced Cooling Solutions: Effective cooling systems are essential to maintain performance and protect components from heat-related damage.
  • Scalability: Look for workstations that allow for easy upgrades as your computational needs evolve.
  • Software Compatibility: Ensure the workstation is compatible with the AI and machine learning software platforms you plan to use.

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AMAX specializes in crafting AI workstations tailored to meet the specific requirements of your projects and workflows. Our approach to customization ensures that every component, from CPUs and GPUs to memory and storage, is selected to optimize your applications' performance. With AMAX, you gain the flexibility to configure workstations that not only meet your current needs but are also poised for future advancements in AI and machine learning. This personalized configuration process guarantees that your AI initiatives are supported by robust, efficient, and cutting-edge technology designed to scale with your ambitions.

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