Aug 27, 2021 2 min read

AMAX and Bright - Spanning Geographies

AMAX and Bright - Spanning Geographies

By Jack Hanna – Bright Computing

With SC week upon us, it has been a great opportunity to catch up with our partners across the globe. I was compelled to give an update on our partner AMAX; a global leader in application-tailored solutions that enables its customers to solve complex computing challenges, meet product development demands, and integrate virtualized applications.

In collaboration with Bright Computing, AMAX has achieved two major customer wins recently that I wanted to share.

The first is a Big Data Research Institute. This organization needed help with node monitoring, task distribution, and authorization management. Having tackled these tasks in-house previously, the customer was concerned about the potential cost and functionality of migrating to a cluster management solution.

AMAX positioned Bright Cluster Manager to the customer, to provide a single monitoring and management solution for everything in the cluster, including all hardware, the network, power, temperature, the operating system, HPC workload manager, Kubernetes, users, and jobs.

As a result, the customer’s administrators were able to track resource utilization by jobs and user jobs running under the HPC workload manager, including jobs running on Kubernetes. The ability to run multiple workload accounting and reporting instances so that resource usage can be isolated by project and the visibility of resource usage can be limited to project owners. Other reporting functions in Bright View help track the GPU utilization of the application during the operation.

With Bright, the customer now has clear authority and responsibilities, and can empower its end users to spend more time on scientific research, rather than on task distribution and rights management.

The second customer is a Research Center for Data Science & Artificial Intelligence. There were three challenges to overcome:

  • How to manage a large number of servers
  • How to manage multi-user resource allocation
  • How to centralize monitoring issues

In addition, the existing clustered infrastructure had a complicated management process and a team who did not have the resources to maintain the infrastructure. AMAX introduced Bright Cluster Manager for easier maintenance as part of updating to a new infrastructure. With Bright taking care of configuration and monitoring, and management, the total integration provided the end users with better business support.

By harnessing the power of Bright Cluster Manager in their solutions, AMAX has been able to deliver around the clock real-time end-to-end cluster monitoring. As a result, this provides a simpler way for end users to customize modules, saves time and effort in installation and maintenance.

“Our partnership with Bright is both dynamic and strong,” says James Huang, Product Manager at AMAX, “The Bright Cluster Manager software has proven to be reliable and fit for purpose. By blending your industry-leading technology into the solutions that we deliver to our customers, we ensure complete end user satisfactions and exceed customer expectations every time.”

Bright’s web-based user interface, Bright View, gives the customer read-only access to basic cluster information, and includes a comprehensive overview of cluster status, node hardware and software features, workload manager statistics, and user-definable graphs. The user interface can be easily customized and extended using PHP, Perl, SOAP and JSON API.

To learn more about Bright Computing and AMAX, please contact us.