Oct 14, 2023 2 min read

AMAX, Intel, and Winning Health Technology Group Successfully Create Life-Changing AI Technology with Medical Imaging

AMAX, Intel, and Winning Health Technology Group Successfully Create Life-Changing AI Technology with Medical Imaging
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There has been increasing growth in medical imaging devices, and the healthcare industry has discovered the value of artificial intelligence (AI) in advancing medical technology. AI-assisted solutions provide the performance that healthcare organizations require for analyzing medical images. It can also improve accuracy, efficiency, reduce time and treatment costs for medical institutions. AMAX and Winning Health Technology Group have collaborated with Intel engineers and have successfully created a combination of AI technology with medical imaging to help build a smart healthcare ecosystem. This solution will aid in diagnosing more than twenty common health issues that can be identified in medical images.

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The Deep Learning All-In-One system is a flexible infrastructure is equipped with a Intel® Xeon® Scalable processor and Winning Health Medical Imagining AI applications to deliver fast and accurate diagnostic results for medical professionals. Allowing medical outcomes to be presented to preliminary medical reports to decrease healthcare experts repeated manual labor.

AMAX Deep Learning

AMAX Deep Learning All-In-One system supports customizable All-In-One hardware based on Intel Xeon Scalable processors to meet computing demands. This system also combines and optimizes existing deep learning frameworks, encapsulates many underlying options, and eases debugging before delivery to provide an immense out-of-the-box services. This combination also helps reduce the technical expertise or knowledge required for deep learning professionals.

AMAX Deep Learning All-In-One system integrates a machine learning platform with a traditional infrastructure. The leading software of AMAX Deep Learning All-In-One is the AI Max platform which operates the OpenVINO toolkit. OpenVINO platform offers several different functions that include rapid resource scheduling, distribution of interactive development, and resource usage monitoring.


To verify the performance of the Medical Imaging AI solution based on AMAX’s Deep Learning All-In-One, Winning Health ran benchmarking tests for image recognition between Linux Pytorch Default Numa OFF, 1 instance; Configuration, Linux Pytorch Optimized Numa ON, 36 instances; Configuration and OpenVINO. In three various AI tests for segmentation, detection, and false-positive removal, the OpenVino tool kit increase inference speed resulting in 10-30 times faster compared to Linux Pytorch Optimized benchmark scores.

AMAX Partnerships

AMAX, Intel, and Winning Health Technology Group have the expertise and optimized the software to provide a life changing solution. AMAX Deep Learning All-In-One system will support the healthcare community and help make a positive impact on the industry. It will improve many different aspects from performance, cost effectiveness, and efficiency to the flexibility of medical imaging AI applications. Collaborations with AMAX, Winning Health, Intel, and will continue to provide solutions to healthcare experts to aid in the delivery of fast and accurate results for medical imaging.

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