AMAX Sidecar

AMAX Sidecar
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The AMAX IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar merges cutting-edge air-assisted liquid cooling technology with a compact, efficient rack system, setting a new standard in server deployment thermal management. This solution caters to businesses seeking enhanced server density, computational power, and effective thermal load handling. Optimized for AI training, inferencing, data science, and high-performance computing (HPC), it ensures your operations achieve peak performance, even in thermally demanding conditions. Ideal for enterprises looking to lead in technological innovation, the IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar offers a scalable path to growth.

IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar

Air-Assisted Liquid Cooling

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Features at a Glance

  • Innovative Cooling Mechanism: Integrates air-assisted liquid cooling to efficiently manage heat, allowing for unparalleled server density and performance.
  • Optimized Rack Size: Measuring 600mm x 1068mm x 2295mm, the rack is designed to fit in standard data center layouts while maximizing space efficiency.
  • Exceptional Cooling Capability: With the ability to dissipate up to 76kW, it supports high-density deployments without compromising on cooling efficiency.
  • Scalable Deployment: Supports multiple racks seamlessly, enabling scalable configurations for growing computational demands.
  • Comprehensive Cooling Kits: Equipped with modular RPUs and radiators, ensuring effective heat transfer and system cooling.
  • Robust Redundancy: Features 15+1 fans, 2+1 pumps, and 3+3 PSUs, providing a fail-safe operation for critical components.
  • Ease of Serviceability: Front-access design with hot-swappable fans, pumps, PSUs, and control board for straightforward maintenance and upgrades.

Empower Your Data Center with IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar

The IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar is more than just a cooling solution; it's a strategic investment in your enterprise's future scalability and technological capability. By choosing AMAX, you opt for a system that not only meets today's demands but is also prepared to evolve with the technological landscape. Enhance your data center's efficiency, reliability, and computational power with the IntelliRack A45 + Sidecar.