Liquid-Cooled Computing Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles

Liquid-Cooled Computing Solutions for Autonomous Vehicles
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Precision Engineering for Autonomous Driving Performance

At AMAX, we deliver custom solutions engineered to empower autonomous driving technologies. Our expertise in advanced liquid cooling technologies ensures that the complex computing requirements of self-driving cars are met with unmatched efficiency and reliability. By focusing on the specific needs of the automotive sector, we provide systems that support the operation and safety of autonomous vehicles, catering to the rigorous demands of performance and durability in the field.

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Key Advantages

Custom-Built Chassis with Advanced Liquid Cooling

Our chassis are specifically designed to fit into autonomous vehicle systems, ensuring optimal performance through innovative liquid cooling technology. This cooling method maintains critical computing components at the ideal temperatures, enhancing efficiency and prolonging system life under demanding conditions.

Tailored for Self-Driving Car Applications

Equipped with powerful Intel Xeon processors and NVIDIA GPUs, our configurations are built to handle the complex computations required for autonomous driving. This includes real-time data processing, environmental sensing, and decision-making algorithms essential for safe and reliable vehicle automation.

Flexible Memory and Diverse Storage Solutions

With adjustable memory setups and various SSD storage configurations, our systems are prepared to store and process the vast amounts of data generated by self-driving vehicles, ensuring rapid access and smooth operation across all driving conditions.

Why Partner with AMAX?

  • Designed for Automotive Challenges: Each computing solution is carefully crafted to meet the specific challenges of autonomous driving technology.
  • Optimized for Performance: Leverage cutting-edge components for enhanced processing speed and efficiency in real-time vehicle operation.
  • Innovative Cooling Solutions: Our liquid cooling technology ensures that your autonomous driving systems operate reliably, even under intensive computational loads.
  • Customization for Your Needs: We provide systems that are precisely tailored to support the unique requirements of your self-driving car projects, giving you the tools necessary for advancement in autonomous vehicle technology.

Transform your autonomous vehicle project with AMAX's liquid-cooled computing solutions, where technological innovation meets customization for autonomous driving.

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