Which ISO Certified Standards does AMAX Practice?

If you don’t know already, AMAX is ISO Certified which means we operate the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility. Whether it is avoiding minerals procured from “Conflict Regions” complying with hazardous materials regulations, guaranteeing component, vendor authenticity, or reducing risks over information security. AMAX is committed to following the highest standards for all our customers and continues to improve all levels of the business operations from an organizational level to the product and service level.

What is ISO?

Established in 1947, ISO is an independent, non-governmental international organization facilitating world trade common standards practices. The organization has over 30,000 different standards covering various areas from quality, food safety, information security, manufacturing standards, pharmaceuticals, and many more. There are thousands of international standards across many industry areas. ISO General Assembly develops new standards that support innovation and provides solutions to organizations globally.

What Certifications Do We Have? 

ISO 9001/TL 9000 – Quality Management System

This ISO certification is a cornerstone standard that includes specific requirements for a quality management system. It is the world’s most well-known quality management standard for organizations. This standard provides a process-oriented approach to achieve the most effective quality management system to enhance customer satisfaction. AMAX implement processes and procedures and are most dedicated to delivering superior quality products and services that meet and exceed customers’ expectations. We continuously improve the processes and maintain an effective quality management system.

ISO 13485 – Medical Devices Quality Management Systems

This standard is a quality management system for organizations engaged in the design, production, and installation of medical devices. As AMAX serves the healthcare industry, this was a critical factor for the organization to uphold this standard to ensure best practices in the medical device industry.

ISO 27001 – Information Security Management System

This international standard is recognized globally for managing risks for the security of information. It helps protect confidently only allows authorized personnel to access information when required. It also defends information integrity, which ensures only trained and authorized employees can change records. Finally, it protects availability which means user information can be made available to authorized individuals on request. AMAX continues to manage the security of its information effectively and protects all customers and employee information.

ISO 14001 – Environmental Management System

This standard assists organization with fulfilling their obligations to reduce waste, reduce environmental impact, risk and cost and improve resource efficiency. AMAX protects and preserves the environment by minimizing ecological impact concerning our activities, products, and services. We also implement a 3R Program – Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle. We comply with the applicable legal requirements and standards and continuously improve our environmental performance.

ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility

This international standard provides guidelines on social responsibility. It is guidance rather than a requirement, and it helps clarify for organizations what social responsibility is and how to implement the most effective actions and best practices. AMAX is committed to operating in a socially responsible way across all the offices.


AMAX Certified

AMAX acknowledges its responsibilities and commitments in meeting the ISO requirements to exceed its customers’ expectations and ensure that the organization is compliant with the regulations and guidelines and operating most effectively. We daily demonstrate the capabilities of delivering high-quality standards and meeting all industry regulations. Our customers trust that our products and services fulfill their requests to the highest standard and that we are consistently maintaining and improving our operations across North America, Europe, and Asia to enable innovators to seamlessly go to market worldwide. 


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