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Connect with an AMAX expert to explore our GPU POD, one of the most powerful artificial intelligence supercomputing infrastructures. Powered by NVIDIA A100 GPUs, the AMAX GPU POD delivers the computational power necessary to train today’s state-of-the-art deep learning models and help process large data science workloads. With its groundbreaking performance, the AMAX GPU POD aims to solve the most challenging AI computational problems no matter the project scale.

  • Powered by NVIDIA A100 Tensor Core GPU
  • Integrated with AceleMax ™ DGS-428A equipped with 8 GPUs
  • Built using NVIDIA’s Quantum InfiniBand switch device (400Gb/s bandwidth per port)
  • Features AMAX StorMax® all-flash and hybrid flash storage solutions with 36 hot-swap bay

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AceleMax DL-E142

AceleMax DL-E142 provides the acceleration needed to power the world’s most immense workloads delivering exceptional value for students, academics and industry researchers. Currently used by Tier 1 AI & ML research institutes.

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LiquidMax TL40-X3

Get more done with less noise. This ultra-quiet (up to 55 dB) workstation features 4 A100 GPU cards that are suitable for heavy load computer vision tasks right at your desktop. Validated by over 30 universities and research institutions.

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