Next-Generation Immersion Cooling Technology

Break the heat barrier — take your data center beyond limits

From the beginning, data center demands have increased year-over-year in lockstep with business growth. To keep pace, each new computing generation has brought cooling closer to the heat source. Yet today’s high-performance servers are consuming more power than ever. Traditional methods can’t cool new and emerging systems.

GRC Liquid Immersion Cooling Tank

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Immersion is the Future of Liquid Cooling

Among the four primary liquid cooling technologies available—single phase, two phase, core plate, and rear-door heat exchange—single-phase immersion cooling delivers the most optimized performance per watt per dollar.

Image courtesy of GRC Cooling

Density-Optimized GPU-Accelerated Servers

Immersion cooling is a system of cooling CPUs and GPUs where the coolant is in direct contact with the processing units itself.

The next evolution is here

Radically simplifying the design, build and operation of data center cooling infrastructure, GRC’s patented immersion cooling solutions provide the breakthrough growth and cost-saving potential you’re looking for.

Immersing servers in liquid affords a major across-the-board improvement in rack density, cooling capacity, data center layout and location options, enabling you to:

  • Limitless, cost-effective scaling
  • Slash capex up to 50% and cooling energy costs up to 95%
  • Increase cooling capacity up to 100kW/rack

How GRC Liquid Immersion Cooling works

GRC Cooling in the data center

ElectroSafe™ coolant is a clean, odorless, non-toxic liquid with 1,200X the heat retention capacity of air by volume. Immersing servers in this liquid enables cooling up to 100kW/rack.

GRC Solutions are:


Cut data center construction costs up to 50%. Eliminate chillers, CRACs, CRAHs, raised floors and downsize power & backup infrastructure.


Reduce planning & forecasting. Our racks are fully-integrated, micro data centers – easily add capacity as your operation grows.


GRC liquid immersion cooling solutions can be located in virtually any environment—and be up and running within weeks, not months.

Future Proof

Cool the most powerful servers — up to 100 kW/rack —and capitalize on emerging advanced processing applications


Eliminate fan vibrations, dust and moisture contamination, oxidation risks, and remove data center hot spots.


Experience a <1.05 PUE, a 10-20% server load reduction plus a total peak and average power reduction of ~50%.

GRC Immersion Technology Use Cases

  • Artificial Intelligence
  • Cloud/On-Premise Data Center
  • Crypto Mining & Block Chain Computing
  • Edge Computing
  • High-Frequency Trading
  • High-Performance Computing

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