HPC System Reference Design

High Density. Performance Optimization. Engineering.

Our solutions architect team takes a workload-optimized approach to provide you with a customized solution configuration that is tailored to your performance needs. Power users are guided through multiple form factors, cooling options, and CPU options to scale their performance demands. Cooling options such as traditional air, liquid cold plate, and immersion cooling systems are factored into each solution to optimize system performance and minimize energy consumption. From workstations to rackmount servers to rack-scalable deployments, AMAX reference designs provide solutions that scale with growing needs.

Selected AMAX HPC Solutions

Please consult with our solution architect team to determine the best configuration for your business and technical demands.

Liquid Cooled System

2U 4Node Liquid Cooled HPC Server with 8x 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processor and 24x U.2 Bays

Air Cooled System

2U 4Node Air Cooled HPC Server with 8x 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processor and 8x 2.5” Bays

Immersion Cooled System

Fully Warranted 2U 4Node Immersion Cooled HPC Server with 8x 4th Gen AMD EPYC™ Processor and 8x U.2 Bays

Configuration Options

Please consult with our solutions architect team to explore configuration options that will optimize your results.

CPU Options​

  • AMD, AMPERE®, Intel​®
  • Cooling Options – Air, Liquid, Immersion​ (with Full Warranty)​
  • Environment – Data Center, Server Room

System Configurations & Capacities​

  • Up to 8x Enterprise Grade CPUs​ Supporting Gen 5 PCIe Architecture​
  • Up to 400Gbps Network Connection​​
  • Up to 24x U.2 Storage Bays​
  • Up to 16TB Memory

Turnkey Rack Solutions

AMAX designs and deploys custom rack solutions directly to your site location.

Industry Leading Immersion Tank Solution

Fully Tested with Full System Warranty​

Liquid Cooling Rack Solution

Supports Both EIA 19” and OCP 21” Warranty​

Your Comprehensive Global Expert in Design, Engineering, and System Integration

Our enterprise and OEM business units collaborate to satisfy customers’ needs on all scales.

  • “Worldwide Expertise in Design, Engineering, and System Integration”
  • “Our unified enterprise and OEM business units collaborate to provide unparalleled comprehensive service and deployment”
  • “Meets and Exceeds Over 6+ ISO Certifications”
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Consult with our solution architect team.