NVIDIA HGX™ Solutions with AMAX

Elevate your Enterprise with an NVIDIA HGX™ POD. Unlock the Unlimited Potential of Generative AI.
NVIDIA HGX™ Solutions with AMAX

Build Your HGX BasePOD with AMAX

AI applications leveraging large language models (LLM), cybersecurity, autonomous systems, and healthcare, are rapidly growing, requiring robust, scalable infrastructures. Enhance your enterprise’s High Performance Computing and AI capabilities with NVIDIA HGX BasePOD and SuperPOD solutions from AMAX.

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Expert Engineering for NVIDIA HGX BasePOD

We specialize in crafting customized cluster designs and configurations that leverage NVIDIA HGX’s robust architecture to meet your distinct requirements.

Our engineering approach encompasses meticulous evaluation, judicious component selection, fine-tuned performance optimization, and precise configuration. The result is a high-performance infrastructure designed for AI and High Performance Computing applications.

Scalable Custom and Reference GPU BasePOD Designs for every Workload

Scalable Custom and Reference GPU POD Designs for every Workload

We initiate our process with a rigorous evaluation of your computational needs, tailored to the enterprise scale. Armed with this foundational understanding, we proceed to select hardware and software components, each optimized for optimal compatibility with NVIDIA HGX technology. The end result is a bespoke computing cluster, purpose-built to advance your enterprise’s AI and High Performance Computing capabilities.

Expert Guidance at Your Fingertips

Our team ensures a successful deployment designed to meet your AI goals. Whether dealing with intricate configurations or striving for peak performance, our architects are ready to assist, turning your vision into reality. Consult with our H100 HGX POD solutions architects to bring your cluster to life.

Optimized for Success

We take care of every aspect, from cluster bring-up and troubleshooting to meticulous performance validation, configuration optimization, and rigorous benchmarking. With our expertise, you can trust in a flawless operation that maintains peak performance throughout your cluster’s lifecycle.

Total Visibility

We facilitate remote access for convenient acceptance testing and validation. This feature empowers you to oversee and verify your cluster’s performance and functionality from anywhere, ensuring a seamless and efficient deployment process.

Hassle-free Installation

Our team of H100 Cluster / Pod solutions architects delivers and sets up your cluster on-site with care and expertise. We make sure every detail is taken care of, ensuring your cluster is ready to perform.

Continuous Support

Our post-sales engineering services and cluster lifecycle management offer 24/7 support. We are dedicated to ensuring maximum uptime for your deployment, addressing any evolving needs, and continually optimizing your cluster’s performance, so you can focus on your core objectives with peace of mind.