NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand

Extreme Performance for Exascale AI
NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand

End-to-End Networking Solutions

The NVIDIA Quantum-X800 platform represents the latest advancement in NVIDIA Quantum InfiniBand technology. Designed specifically for AI models at the trillion-parameter scale, this platform includes the NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand switch, NVIDIA ConnectX®-8 SuperNIC, and LinkX cables and transceivers.

AMAX Solutions Powered by NVIDIA InfiniBand


NVIDIA Blackwell DGX System
NVIDIA Blackwell DGX System
Component Specification
CPU + GPU 72x NVIDIA Blackwell GPUs in Grace Blackwell Superchips
Total Fast Memory 30.2TB
Interconnect 72x OSFP single-port NVIDIA ConnectX®-7 VPI with 400Gb/s InfiniBand
NVIDIA NVLink Switch System 9x L1 NVIDIA NVLink Switches

AMAX Industrial HPC Cabinet

NVIDIA DGX H100 Superpod System
AMAX Industrial HPC Cabinet
Component Specification
CPU Intel 4th/5th Gen Xeon Scalable Processor
CPU Cores 8192 cores (P-Core)
Memory 128 TB
Networking 32x OSFP single-port NVIDIA ConnectX-7 VPI with 400Gb/s InfiniBand

NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand

The new platform supports advanced hardware-based, In-Network Computing with Scalable Hierarchical Aggregate Reduction Protocol (SHARP)™ v4, adaptive routing, and telemetry-based congestion control, enabling a new frontier of AI innovation.

Data Throughput Higher Bandwidth (800Gb/s) In-Network Computing
5X 2X 9X

Accelerated In-Network Computing

Advanced technologies including NVIDIA SHARP v4, Message Passing Interface (MPI) tag matching, MPI_Alltoall, and programmable cores enhance NVIDIA In-Network Computing. Adaptive routing utilizes the switch and ConnectX-8 SuperNIC collaboratively to optimize bandwidth and maintain network resilience for AI fabrics. Furthermore, telemetry-based congestion control techniques offer noise isolation for multi-tenant AI workloads.

Network resiliency

The platform actively addresses hardware issues to maintain continuous application performance. Acceleration engines reduce latency and increase data throughput, improving network efficiency. Self-healing interconnect boosts the resilience and reliability of the NVIDIA Quantum-X800 InfiniBand network, ensuring consistent network integrity.

Full Offload Capabilities

Remote direct-memory access (RDMA), NVIDIA GPUDirect® RDMA, and GPUDirect Storage optimize investment returns. Advanced power efficiency: Techniques such as power capping and transitions to low-power states reduce power consumption during idle periods.

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AMAX offers expert NVIDIA InfiniBand solutions, ideal for high-performance computing and AI environments. Our advanced IT infrastructure and liquid cooling technologies ensure efficient, scalable, and reliable InfiniBand deployments.

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