Here to Address your Logistical Concerns

We lead the industry by ensuring a safe and secure supply chain, taking responsibility for component authenticity and driving manufacturing excellence with advanced equipment, proven processes, and effective procedures.
Here to Address your Logistical Concerns

Complete Traceability

What’s the difference between supply chain and logistics?  If your supply chain is a coach, who looks at the overall strategy, logistics is the player, focused on executing the details. Careful attention to logistics avoids nightmares.

We can track where your materials are coming from. We know the status of each system. We can track components down to the assembly station. We know the whole system genealogy. That means we can track everything that’s going into every part of your solution. And you can too, using our customer portal.

Transparent Customer Portal

Our customer portal offers complete visibility into production, RMA shipping and inventory levels. You can see what’s happening on the production floor, including the materials in use.

You’ll have access to all the RMAs to see what has shipped. And you can pull the reports you need for month end needs. This might be inventory count or just tracking where everything is. If you need custom reports, we can do that too. You’ll have everything at your fingertips, even down to where the screws should go when the hardware is installed.

True Configure-to-Order

Do you need to run as lean as possible? Configure-to-order helps you get there. You might want to modify the networking or the drive or perhaps the storage for different end customers.

We can partially build your system up to 80% and only complete it when you’re ready. That’s because most of your solutions will have common features up to that point.

We’ll hold off on the remaining 20% until you give us final specs based on your end customer needs and location. Configure-to-order gives you the flexibility to create custom solutions for your customers and get the fastest turnaround too.

Bi-Directional Logistics

Our global team ships to over 100 countries. They are experts in trade compliance. They understand VAT structures, duties, having the right certifications, the works. So even if you want to do something hard, like shipping to Russia or overnight to India, we can handle it. And shipping things back again is handled in the same way.

Our support of your product doesn’t end when we ship to you. You may want to do a try and buy or get a demo solution. You might want to upgrade to a different system. We give the same level of attention to detail to reverse logistics as we do to getting things shipped in the first place.

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