What Makes an Effective Test Plan?

AMAX builds undergo a rigorous process with advanced testing automation, where proprietary test suites screen for component errors to ensure the highest quality
What Makes an Effective Test Plan?

Rigorous Cycle of Testing

The products we build have your name on them. So, you want to make sure that when they ship out the door, they are ready to go. That means rigorous testing. We use a standard, very thorough, automated testing process. We consider what your system needs, whether it’s liquid cooling, or noise or even the way it’s installed. We test the entire system, not just the sub-components.

Customized Testing

We can customize your testing to change variables or run your own testing script in our facilities. We’re fully automated, so custom tests are simple. That said, we’ve built so many systems, we know how to stress and test them. We know the tests to run for storage-based solutions, network-based solutions or a more compute intensive solution. Our testing is also modular. That gives you control over what to include or leave out.

Testing in the factory is aimed at inducing failure so that you end up with the most reliable system. If we can test and fail and fix in the factory, then your customer won’t see failure when they use the product. We create the right tests for memory, storage, network and the CPU. If you need high temperature testing, we’ve got you covered.

Visibility and Compliance in Testing

We have a very structured review and approval sign-off process tied into the entire system genealogy. Every single component that is in your solution is tracked through our ERP and MES software.

The MES manages the build process and order data. It sends this information to our ERP system to support end-to-end production management and enable continuous improvement.

Reliability Testing and Security

  • Compatibility and validation testing
  • Functional testing
  • Shock and vibration testing
  • Burn-in testing
  • Heat Chamber testing
  • HDD/SSD Flash test chamber
  • Thermal, sound and, humidity testing
  • Environmental safety and compliance
  • Package drop testing and pre-ship inspection
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