Custom OEM Server Branding

Why does customization matter? Along with quality and reliability, customization can give your product the edge it needs to stand out above the competition. Be proud of what you send to customers with AMAX quality backing your brand identity.

Customization and the Last 20%

When we talk about customization, we are really talking about two things. One is the customized look we give your product to match your brand. The other is the customized build that we create for you based on your project requirements.

AMAX Custom Designed Server Bezels

Custom branding

We customize products for some of the biggest brands around. When you see a solution from McAfee, it will look, feel and scream McAfee. You won’t see the AMAX name. It’s important that when your name is on your product that it represents the reliability and quality that your company stands for. When it comes to appliance design, AMAX works with you to achieve your desired branding and appearance.

Your design can be simple with a small logo or designed to make your logo stand out. We can customize bezels, a complete enclosure, a chassis and even create your logo if you need that. If you want documentation or packaging branded, we’ll manage that too.

Custom builds

Most appliance solutions share around 80% of their components. But it’s the last 20% that makes you stand out from the crowd. That’s why the last 20% matters.

One of our customers is the largest semi-conductor equipment provider. They needed us to build an advanced custom liquid cooled cabinet jam packed with ultra dense compute and network. We used our expertise from the HPC side of our business, merged with an OEM approach for semi-conductor quality requirements. Semi-conductor quality is mission critical, close to medical quality.

Custom packaging, bezels and printouts

Custom branding services

  • Server bezel designs
  • Custom software splash screens
  • Product marking and labeling
  • Media and documentation printing
  • Labeling, boxing and packaging
  • Warranty seals
  • Lockable drive bays and faceplates

“AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met but exceeded our wildest expectations.”

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