Rack Integration Services

Rack Integration Services

Customized, Pre-configured, Modern Racks

AMAX rack engineering, integration and program management teams deliver fully integrated and tested rack solutions that are ready to deploy. We offer full service rack solution design, L1-L12 assembly, integration, testing, cabling and labeling of your racked equipment before it ships. Save staff resources and eliminate uncertainty with AMAX teams of engineers, professional technicians and installers. Ensure field reliability and consistency right out of the crate.

AMAX ‘Rack and Stack’ services that simplify the manufacturing of purpose-built systems

  • Site and environment assessment
  • Requirements, specifications and feasibility analysis
  • Liquid cooling, power, thermal and acoustics design
  • Cabling design and component integration
  • Program management, bill of material and inventory management
  • Custom branding, packaging, and bezel design
  • Rack cabinet style and sizing
  • Rack layout and design
  • Inventory check and labeling
  • Assembly and rack mounting of all rack components from server, storage, network, power, and host nodes
  • In cabinet power and network cable routing and installation
  • Integrated test suites and quality control
  • Software application performance tuning and systems hardware testing
  • Burn-in and testing at component, system, node, and rack levels
  • Splash-screen, firmware, BIOS upgrades and configuration
  • Software imaging, OS configuration and virtualization
  • Complete diagnostics and inspections on all installed equipment
  • Order management, scheduling and tracking
  • BOM, revisions, and end-of-life tracking
  • Full Rack Configuration Document (RCD) including topology, serial number recording, source to destination cabling runs, cable lists diagrams, and photos
  • Full packing, custom crating, shipping and recycling
  • Multi-site inventory, order and production tracking
  • Global onsite support and regulatory and safety certifications
  • 4-hour/next-business day spares management

Manufacturing Levels

8-Stage Rack Integration Solution Process

EngageAssess requirementsAssess environmentAdvise server and rack level designQualify and select components
EngineerDefine SpecificationsCreate BOMDevelop layoutsStage POC & Confirm
PrepareSchedule demandManage supplyPrepare materialsSchedule work
AssembleAssemble nodesRack and stackNetwork and PowerCable and label
ConfigureSet BIOS and firmwareSet switch and IP addressesImage OS and SoftwareManage revisions
TestRack Burn-in and QAValidate and automate testsReport rack testsReport performance
PackageFinal touchup and inspectionDocument and label assetsCrate and transportAcceptance
DeployReviewPower-onDiagnose and troubleshootManage spares

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