AMAX Layout

Why Choose AMAX?

Speak with our team today to develop a solution that fits your unique needs. At AMAX, we specialize in the intelligent design and delivery of IT and AI infrastructure solutions that meet the specific needs of today's enterprise organizations with our AI GPU clusters, industrial computing, and advanced liquid cooling technologies.

  • Expertise in Product Engineering - AMAX excels in transforming standard IT components into specialized products through focused design and engineering, optimizing performance and efficiency.
  • Leading Innovations in Cooling Technology - AMAX is at the forefront of developing advanced liquid cooling technologies, allowing next generation GPU performance while also reducing energy costs and environmental impact.
  • Custom Fixes for Technological Hurdles - We identify industry challenges with innovative gap technologies such as custom cold plates, baseboards and more. We help you overcome technology roadblocks, ensuring your products can perform as needed.
  • A Commitment to Customer Success - With AMAX, you have a partner dedicated to your success. We provide comprehensive support from design to deployment, ensuring your AI / IT infrastructure evolves with your needs.

Ready to enhance your operations with AMAX? Schedule a call with our team to discuss how we can address your specific needs and build your infrastructure solutions.