For Attivo Networks, a VC funded award-winning Network Security Startup, it was important for us to find a global Contract Manufacturer that was nimble and able to partner with us at every phase of our rapid growth. The ongoing outstanding support and partnership over the past six years from the AMAX cross functional team and senior management is a “Customer Delight”!
Samsung has received impeccable service from AMAX on everything from technical support, product consultation, to deployment guidance and after-sales service of the highest quality Deep Learning GPU servers. We feel well-supported on every aspect of our product development and expect further collaboration with AMAX.
MobileIron has worked with AMAX starting with our very first product designs in 2008. I remember visiting AMAX then with an absolutely tiny order for our first beta program. But the AMAX team didn't treat us like a 20-person startup. They treated us like an important customer. And they have continued to provide us the same attention, quality, and responsiveness as MobileIron has grown from an idea to a global, publicly-traded company. AMAX has scaled with us and been an important business partner throughout our journey.
My experience with AMAX has proven to show a large level of customer service and commitment that they give to their customers. AMAX is very dependable and they always treat you like family. I always feel very comfortable working with AMAX, because we have built up that relationship, it almost feels like asking a friend for help.
AMAX offers optimal quality servers, pricing, turnaround time, and customer service, all of which differentiate it from other competitors. Thanks to AMAX's extreme professionalism and top tier services, our goals have been met and our business continues to grow. AMAX has truly partnered with us to help us deliver quality products to our clients.
AMAX delivered hardware for our Equity Risk Management group MonteCarlo based financial market simulation analysis. It was done under pressure of project time limits as well as technological requirement to use next generation GPU cards. AMAX engineers demonstrated flexibility and high technical level of attention to our custom Grid design needs since all the software was developed 'in house' and required detailed custom implementation. Technical support is very responsive and detail oriented.
The AMAX GPU solution is working beautifully and we were very impressed with the quality. Overall, we feel very supported by AMAX and would be happy to purchase from them again.
We really appreciate all of AMAX's help and if we have additional specialized computer needs, I will wholeheartedly recommend AMAX personally. It has been a very good experience working with AMAX and we look forward to our next project together.
Life science research is a key motivator for high performance computing and AMAX's powerful HPC cluster is well suited for scientists and research labs at Regeneron to analyze vast amounts of genome data generated by our next-generation instruments and sequencing applications. The AMAX performance-driven computing solution enables us to draw a more complete picture of the mechanisms of life.
AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met, but exceeded our wildest expectations. With the AMAX GPU cluster, the performance factor increase has been roughly 120-150x! Our computation equations typically took months to return a result, and not with the AMAX GPU cluster we can get those results within hours.