Mar 7, 2022 3 min read

The Power of AMD Instinct™ MI210 Accelerator

The Power of AMD Instinct™ MI210 Accelerator

The AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator enables scientists and researchers to conquer the most critical challenges of formulating new vaccines and addressing climate change. This latest addition to the AMD Instinct™ MI200 series is engineered for high-performance computing for double precision (FP64) on PCIe form factors designed for data centers. AMAX accelerates data center workloads with the AceleMax DGS-214AI and DGS-428AI line of products for deep learning training and high power computing GPU processing. Assemble with AMD Exascale-class technologies, the 2nd Gen AMD CDNA architecture combined with the AMD ROCm 5 software system, which powers HPC and AI data center PCIe GPUs to advance the processing time for scientists and researchers in their data center.

 The M1210 Accelerator is created to expedite deep learning training. It supplies an extensive scale of mixed-precision capabilities power by the AMD Matric Core Technology, and it provides exceptional 181 teraflops and excellent FP16 and BF16 performance to present the user with a powerful performance to drive both HPC and AI. AMD ROCm is an open software platform that enables researchers to experience the high-performing power of the AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerator to navigate through scientific discoveries. To send and receive information more efficiently, MI2210 Accelerator supports high-speed HPC parallel codes, enabling scientists and researchers worldwide.

The Cutting-edge Key Features of the AMD Instinct MI2210 Accelerator 

2nd Generation AMD CNDA Architecture
– The 2nd Generation AMD CNDA architecture embodies the MI2210 Accelerator drives significant performance for HPC and AI
– The MI210 PCIe delivers exceptional double and single precision performance with up to 22.6 TFLOPS peak FP64|FP32 performance 
– The MI210 offers optimized BF16, INT4, INT8, FP16, FP32, and FP32 Matrix capabilities 

AMD Infinity Fabric Link Technology 
– AMD Instinct™ MI120 GPUs offer advanced I/O capabilities 
– The MI120 GPU delivers 64 GB/s CPU to GPU bandwidth without the need for PCIe switches
– Up to 300 GB/s of peer-to-peer(P2P) bandwidth performance through three Infinity Fabric links
– The AMD Infinity™ Architecture enables platform designs with dual and quad, direct-connect GPU with high-speed P2P connectivity and delivers up to 1.2 TB/s of total GPU bandwidth

Ultra-Fast HBM2e Memory 
– AMD Instinct™ MI210 accelerators provide up to 64GB of high-bandwidth HBM2e memory with ECC support at a clock rate of 1.6 GHz
– Has an ultra-high 1.6 TB/s of memory bandwidth to help eliminate bottlenecks transferring data in and out of the memory

Each of these tiers is progressive and is suitable for different business requirements. Data centers can move up and down the ranking system, and each tier includes the required components of all the tiers below it. Tiers 3 and 4 are considered the most reliable services, but that does not mean it is the most suitable tier for your data center. Failing to consider the right tier can lead to downtown issues or unnecessary expenses. It is recommended that all data centers get an evaluation for the Uptime Institute to determine what tier is most suitable for their facility.

AMD Instinct Technologies for the Data Center

Amax offers the AceleMax™ DGS-214AI 1-Socket 2U Accelerator Server with 4 AMD Instinct™ MI210 Accelerators and 4U Dual AMD EPYC Processor 8x AMD Instinct™ MI210 Accelerator Server. The AceleMax™ DGS-428AI support is engineered to drive HPC, AI training/deep learning, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and data center infrastructure.

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