View, Update or Delete Your Personal Data

View, Update or Delete Your Personal Data
Click here and request to view, update or delete your personal data.

The AMAX Group, comprising AMAX Engineering Corporation in the USA and its subsidiaries AMAX Information Technologies Limited in Ireland, AMAX Information Technologies (Suzhou) CO.,LTD, AMAX Information Technologies (Dongguan) CO.,LTD and AMAX Information Technology (Shanghai) CO.,LTD in China (collectively referred to as “AMAX”) respects your privacy and strives to protect your personal information. We have prepared this policy (“Privacy Policy”) to inform you about how we may gather information on this website, including but not limited to all blogs, press releases, collateral, content, customer portals, information and services available thereunder (“Site”), how we may manage and safeguard this information, to whom we may distribute this information, and under what circumstances such information may be distributed.

This Privacy Policy is hereby incorporated into the Terms Of Use, in accordance with the Terms Of Use. By viewing, accessing or using this Site, or attempting to view, access or use this Site, you are confirming that you have read and understood this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use, and that you are accepting, without limitation or qualification, this Privacy Policy and the Terms of Use.

Your Rights

AMAX is committed to respecting your privacy and handling your personal information with care. You have the right to request access to or corrections of your personal data. For individuals in Europe, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) provides further rights. Depending on the specific AMAX services you utilize, you may have access to additional choices and rights regarding your information.

To correct, update, access, or request the deletion of your personal information, please click this link. If you seek to modify or erase your personal information, we may retain necessary data for record-keeping, to finalize transactions initiated before such requests (for example, any purchases or promotions you participate in may require retaining your information until their completion). Certain information might also be retained in our systems and records as required by law.

Upon your request, and as mandated by applicable regulations, AMAX will verify the personal information we hold about you. You may be entitled to receive a copy of this information legally. To proceed with this request, please submit a written request here. Where allowed by law, a processing fee may be applied, and verification of your identity will be necessary to fulfill your request.