New Product Introduction Program


Designed to prepare new products for successful launch

AMAX’s field-proven New Product Introduction (NPI) Program is a formal program designed to prepare new products for successful launch and distribution at any scale. The NPI Program ensures products are thoroughly prototyped, tested, packaged and ready for mass production, guaranteeing that your brand is represented by the highest performance, consistency and field reliability. The NPI Program includes:

Specification Evaluation
BOM Analysis
Vendor Analysis and Sourcing Recommendations
Proof of Concept (POC)
Design for Manufacturing Report (DFM)
Component Stress Testing
System Stress Testing (Hardware, Software, Firmware)
Documentation and Accessory Checks
Manufacturing Process Instructions (MPI) Development
MIS Integration
Web Portal Set-Up (Customization As Needed)

By the time an appliance completes the NPI Program, you will have a stable and scalable product that is serviceable, manufacturable, and above all, field-reliable, and ready for large-scale customer deployments.

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