About Us

Our Mission and Vision

Simplify complex manufacturing for a fully connected, automated, and intelligent world.

We help brands transform digital technology into products and services that enables smarter, connected, trusted, and industrialized businesses. A Foxconn Technology Group affiliate, we blend our expertise in software, hardware, and manufacturing prowess with emerging technologies to help our customers turn ordinary products into industry game-changers.

With a focus on advanced technologies for high performance platforms and applications, our expertise spans four decades of innovation and have compiled an extensive portfolio of capabilities serving a broad range of industries.

As the leading provider of integrated supply chain manufacturing and orchestration services, we build trusted relationships that help our customers build products and services with greater innovation, quality and time-to-market – at any scale. From new product introductions to full-scale production and after-market services, our blending of people, process and technology across North America, Europe, and Asia enables our customers to move product personalization and manufacturing closer to the edge of business consumption.

Company Values

Our corporate values are embedded and fostered in the work-environment that empowers our employees to deliver greater care and value for our customers.


We believe in professional conduct, leading by example, truthfulness, being accountable, and doing the right things in all circumstances to get things done right the first time.


We believe in listening, honoring individual differences and the environment, earning trust, and realizing the power and potential of people, process, and technology.


We believe in clear, timely, responsive, intentional, and effective communication based on relevant cycle of information.


We believe in working together towards common goals, appreciating and supporting each other to combine individual strengths, and creating positive working atmospheres.

Continuous Learning

We believe in seeking and rewarding self-improvement and learning to build on professional capabilities, competencies, the quality practices of the organization and achieving higher digital levels of performance.


We believe in being ready 100% of the time by planning ahead, understanding root causes, solving problems before opportunities, mistakes or deviations arise with a sense of urgency and persistency.

Commitment to Excellence

Operational excellence is more than a mindset at AMAX, it is a belief that is woven into our continuous improvement processes, systems and culture. This drives our organization to be at its very best through innovation and efficiency.

The 8 dimensions of achieving superior quality in execution at AMAX:


Continuous improvement in process flows that find ways to reduce costs, waste and improve worker productivity.


Leveraging our history and network of technology expertise across business processes.


Continuous optimization of operational flows to provide better value in product offerings and more consistent service to customers.


Obtaining and maintaining industry certifications and audits to ensure quality, safety, and responsibility


Understanding customer wants and needs. Listening to customer inputs and driving it back into actions for improvements


Helping our customers grow in the future through investing in areas of our business such as smart manufacturing, AI, and information systems


Implementing Lean and six sigma methods in support of driving customer success. Exploit data to understand and solve problems.


Treating people right. Honor individuals through care, concern and dignity. Adherence to applicable laws, regulations, business ethics and conduct policies.

Corporate Responsibility

AMAX holds itself to the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility when it comes to responsibly sourcing and handling products for our customers, and our facilities are ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and ISO 13485 certified. Whether it is avoiding minerals procured from “Conflict Regions,” complying with hazardous materials regulations, or guaranteeing component or vendor authenticity, AMAX is determined to provide the highest-quality solutions in a safe, responsible manner.

Conflict Minerals Policy

AMAX is committed to conducting ourselves in all business activities to the highest standards of ethics and social responsibility and providing our customers with ethically sourced products.

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RoHS & Reach Policy

AMAX acknowledges its responsibilities and commitments in meeting the requirements of its customer for products that meet environmental compliance standards.

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Safe and Secure Supply Chain

AMAX is able to ensure that all components used in production are verified authentic, not tampered with, and are handled in a secure manner.

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