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The oil and gas industry is a vast and complex sector that is rapidly transforming. It is one of the largest industries in the world and is an essential part of our everyday lives. There is increasing pressure on the oil and gas companies with decarbonizing energy provisions, increasing demand for oil and gas, exploring new resources, energy cost, and ensuring safe conditions for the oil and gas industry workforce. There are major investments in the oil and gas industry daily that require considerable time and substantial computing power to manage the large volumes of data generated from daily operations.

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Liquid Cooling solutions can power the modern data center while cooling it efficiently

Oil and gas companies are investing in innovative digital technology that is resilient, flexible, and sustainable and that facilitates its operations. Data management and storage have become a pivotal part of the oil and gas industry as the volumes of data produced, analyzed, and visualized from sources such as 3-D seismic surveys, well logs, and production systems have increased significantly.  It is crucial that these companies have the most advanced technology to optimize performance, improve operations, enhance health and safety, and improve environmental compliance across the oil and gas production life cycle.

Liquid Immersion Cooling Solutions

AMAX density-optimized servers are designed to be immersed in a cooling rack filled with a proprietary, non-toxic, non-conductive coolant that has 1200X the heat capacity of air. The heat from the servers is absorbed by the coolant and quickly removed from the rack. The result is a supremely energy-efficient data center cooling system with a cooling capacity of up to 100 kW/rack. It reduces energy consumption and reduces operating costs. Companies can achieve the lowest PUE (Power Use Effectiveness) possible with liquid immersion cooling solutions.

Strengthening the oil and gas industry’s IT infrastructure to optimize business performance is essential to improve operations across the entire production life cycle.

Accelerate your AI workloads and experience the fastest GPU server

Advanced IT infrastructure allows oil and gas companies to visualize and analyze petabytes of well location in milliseconds, implement advanced algorithms to locate faults, and deep learning for raw seismic trace data to accelerate exploration and discover faults. These companies also rely on deep learning for seismic imaging that allows them to use microphone arrays to image the rock layers and geological features. High performance computing (HPC) has also made a significant impact on the oil and gas industry by its ability to capture, process, and interpret the vast amount of data produced by detailed seismic surveys, simulations, and models. There is also increasing demand for artificial intelligence (AI) solutions to manage complex oil and gas operations. It is predicted that AI will limit manual work, determine maintenance, reduce risks, and improve data management.