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Federal Government

Federal Government

Advanced Technology Solutions for Government Agencies

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As technology advances to more powerful computational workloads, the demand for high power computing solutions in any field of work is mission critical. Being more agile in artificial intelligence can be essential to approach new research and applications. With over 40 plus years of history in the heart of Silicon Valley, AMAX is ready to serve government agencies to solve deploying your products from the labs to the front line in a timely matter. Our advanced designs of modern IT products are reliable, secure, and sustainable for any project scale.

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What AMAX Customers Say

AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met, but exceeded our wildest expectations. With the AMAX GPU cluster, the performance factor increase has been roughly 120-150x! Our computation equations typically took months to return a result, and not with the AMAX GPU cluster we can get those results within hours.

The AMAX GPU solution is working beautifully and we were very impressed with the quality. Overall, we feel very supported by AMAX and would be happy to purchase from them again.

Your Reliable AI, HPC & GPU Expert

Liquid Cooled or Air Cooled GPU Systems supports up to 10x NVIDIA Data Center GPUs such as A100 or H100.

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Powerful and Quiet Liquid Cooled GPU Workstation supports up to 7x NVIDIA A6000 or A100 Data Center GPUs. No facility water required. Quiet than a kitchen dish washer!

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Hardened Edge Server with 40 CPU cores and 512 GB memory. Graphical Processor unit for AI/ML tasks. Over 60 TB of Ultrastar NVMe™ flash storage2.

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The Gold Standard for AI Infrastructure. Each DGX System comes with NVIDIA enterprise level support on both hardware and software.

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2U 4Node High Density CPU Systems support the latest Processor.

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