Jan 24, 2024 2 min read

Higher Education & Research

Higher Education & Research


AMAX solutions enables students to succeed in their education and assists universities by providing cutting-edge resources and services for faculty, students, and researchers. Universities all around the globe have adopted AI technologies to improve the teaching process for students. Modern technology is a powerful tool that enhances students learning opportunities, and AMAX is here to support universities and transform higher education.

Technology plays a significant role in education

AMAX provides innovative technology that supports students to apply their studies and succeed in their academic careers. AMAX assists universities in fueling innovation in higher education and assisting student learning by having AI and visualization computing solutions that deliver outstanding density, superior bandwidth, and unparalleled I/O capacity with the fastest GPUs. Our Intel and AMD-powered workstations and servers vastly lower data center TCO, with optimized, compute, memory, I/O, and storage resources. We are experts at building turnkey solutions and delivering results with an optimum balance of computing and memory to maximize performance.

Elevating higher education through technology

In the era of advanced technology that we live in, having an efficient IT infrastructure is imperative for higher education. Universities continue to face challenges with their IT infrastructure now that a hybrid schedule is available for students to study online. Students no longer have to meet in a classroom and learn from a tutor. Technology is a crucial component to support remote learning. Our advanced accelerated platforms allow students to research Deep Learning training with the latest GPU-powered technologies. Run the most current Pytorch, TensorFlow, machine learning programs for students and researchers deployed on the NVIDIA Interprise applications and frameworks. AMAX’s next-generation NVIDIA H100 GPU based systems accelerates server systems bring together training, inference, and analytics. These GPUs have maximum performance and high-capacity multi-instance burstable workloads.

AI is building the future of education

Technology shapes the future of education, and adopting advanced computing technologies will revolutionize the traditional teaching and learning process. It will also support the amount of storage and processing that universities require. AMAX has several solutions that can help assist higher education organizations and enable sustainable and consistent success. There is a demand for ultra-high-quality content in the higher education sector. AMAX has ground-breaking technologies to render film-quality, photorealistic characters, objects, and environments.