Jan 25, 2024 2 min read

Multimedia & Entertainment

Multimedia & Entertainment


Media Servers

Media servers are increasingly applied to provide reliable, high-quality video streaming. Our solutions comprise several high-performance GPUs that can handle demanding real-time video processing, allowing for rich streaming graphics. Companies deploy media servers in professional capacities, concerts, live theaters, and private use of various multimedia technologies. It is essential for creating a seamless image in video mapping applications, which often require the stitching and blending of multiple images. In addition, media servers generally have large-capacity memory systems that can process large amounts of 8K/4K data in real-time. AMAX’s DL-E440 server solution allows high-performance 3D rendering and fast streaming capabilities with the ability for the storage to write or read in any high capacity workload. Media servers can also run several software applications simultaneously, enhancing their video processing capabilities.

Cutting Edge Rendering Solutions

AMAX provides top-of-line high-performance computing for graphic rendering in multimedia production companies. With our product line of various NVIDIA RTX and Quadro technologies, designers and artists can optimize rendering film quality, photorealistic characters, and objects. Our cutting-edge solutions allow users to create any inspiration into realistic elements using the latest multi GPU ray-tracing technologies in real-time.

Real-Time Collaboration

NVIDIA Omniverse Enterprise platform allows designers and creators to collaboratively create complex, 3D, physically accurate environments with minimal effort. Developed based on Pixar’s Universal Scene Description and RTX technology, Omniverse allows creators to utilize live-link to work with apps to connect with the following Adobe Suites, Autodesk, Trimble, Blender, Epic Unreal Engine 4, and more coming soon.

High Performance for Video Editing 

When working with 8K images, the most important aspect to plan is ensuring that your tools and infrastructure can handle the larger resolution and data size. 8K video editing requires both compatible hardware and software. The challenge post-production houses faced when they moved their capabilities from HD to 4K, the main challenge of working with 8K is moving larger files through each step of the workflow. LiquidMax™ LX-2 is a powerful solution for 8K video editing with its large-capacity memory capability to buffer approximately 16 minutes of uncompressed 8K data.