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Semiconductors make all our electric appliances possible

Semiconductors play an essential role in electronics that support our everyday lives. With the industry being so stringent, AMAX is committed to a safe and secure supply chain and taking full responsibility for the authenticity of all components we use to build our products for the semiconductor sector. AMAX is meticulous about product safety and compliance, and our experts have conducted SEMI S2, SEMI S8, and SEMI F47 in addition to various IEC and EMC standards to ensure quality, safety, and reliability.

High Performance Computing Servers that deliver essential performance

The semiconductor industry is an innovative area that continues to develop and advance its technologies. Their development is bringing the technology industry to new heights. HPC is in high demand due to its computing power and more efficient networking infrastructure. HPC solutions have become a key component in semiconductor technology and require cutting-edge technologies to deliver performance, lower energy consumption, and higher computing power. As a Titanium level partner of the Intel® Partner Alliance program (IPA), AMAX delivers the most advanced and energy-efficient performance solutions for data-intensive business applications designed for the latest 4th generation Intel Xeon® Scalable processors.

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Semiconductors play a major role in the development of new technology products

Semiconductors have evolved throughout the years; the powerful microchip has become smaller, faster, and more efficient than ever before. They are a strong player in technology especially with accelerated digitization continuing. It has driven advances in communications, automotive, artificial intelligence, computing, healthcare, military systems, transportation, oil and gas, and many other applications.

Technology is changing the way we live and work, from large cities to rural villages. We live in a world that is transformed by technology and it continues to grow and expand. Semiconductors are the fourth most exported product in the world after aircraft, refined oil, and crude oil.

Push beyond your operational limits with AMAX’s Liquid Cooling Solutions

Semiconductor chips and devices can overheat, and the functionality can become slower or even fail and data can be lost. AMAX offers liquid cooling solutions that are an effective alternative to control the temperature. A liquid cooling system of CPUs and GPUs where the coolant is in direct contact with the processing units itself can eliminate most of the contributors to internal thermal resistance. Direct liquid cooling offers a high heat transfer coefficient that reduces the temperature rise of the processors. It delivers the most optimized performance per watt per dollar, with outstanding density, superior bandwidth, lower data center TCO, optimized compute, memory, and a significant reduction in cooling data center energy consumption.