Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling

Liquid-to-Liquid Cooling
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Elevating Thermal Management

Designed for the highest computational demands of today, AMAX's liquid cooling solutions epitomize flexibility, eco-friendliness, and peak performance, shaping the future of data center operations. Our flagship model, the IntelliRack AL100, embodies the zenith of hybrid cooling technologies. Equipped with a rear door heat exchanger (RDHx), it efficiently channels all heat away to facility water, boasting a formidable 100kW capacity tailored for the most demanding AI applications.

Introducing the IntelliRack AL100

The AMAX IntelliRack AL100 sets a new benchmark for data center cooling efficiency and performance. By seamlessly integrating advanced liquid-to-liquid cooling mechanisms, it addresses the thermal challenges posed by today's cutting-edge chip technologies. This capacity-optimized rack is engineered to support the rigorous computational needs of AI training, data analytics, and high-performance computing (HPC), making it a cornerstone for scalable, high-efficiency data center infrastructure.

IntelliRack AL100

All heat to facility liquid cooling solution

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Key Features of the IntelliRack AL100

  • Unmatched Cooling Capacity: Delivers up to 100kW of cooling, achieving 100% efficiency with the Rear Door Heat Exchanger (RDHx) and maintaining 80% efficiency without RDHx.
  • OCP Compliance: Ensures seamless integration into Open Compute Project (OCP) environments, promoting interoperability and standardization across data centers.
  • Redundant System Components: Features hot-swappable redundant 1+1 pumps and 2+1 power supply units (PSUs), guaranteeing uninterrupted operation and reliability.

Empower Your Data Center with AMAX Liquid Cooling Solutions

Choose AMAX's liquid-to-liquid cooling solutions for your data center to harness unmatched efficiency, flexibility, and performance. The IntelliRack series not only meets the thermal management needs of today's most intensive computational applications but also aligns with the sustainability goals of tomorrow's green data centers. Contact us to revolutionize your data center operations with the IntelliRack AL100, and prepare your infrastructure for the future of high-performance computing.