New Product Introduction

If you are just getting started with a new product, we have a program designed to prepare you for successful launch and distribution. Our New Product Introduction (NPI) program will ensure that your product is prototyped, tested, packaged, custom branded and ready for mass production.

No compromise results from the first to the last steps

Your project starts with design and engineering. After gathering your system requirements, we model the system in CAD. Then we move to POC design and prototyping. Included in design is chassis and rack customization, stress testing and thermal and acoustics design. We customize everything, including cabling, brackets, and shields. See The last 20% for more information about how we customize for you.

Our longevity ensures we know how to be flexible to meet your needs. This has helped us succeed with clients such as McAfee, ASML, Raytheon, Argonne Labs and Microsoft. Our quality management system is in place from the moment we engage with you to when materials start coming in to when they leave and even beyond. To understand more about our process, read our stories on logistics and compliance.

Design and Engineering

CAD Drawing



Why are we the best company to launch your new product? Key to our success are our partnerships and process. Our partners allow us to be nimble and agile, sourcing components from around the world. Our affiliation with Foxconn gives us opportunities beyond our size. But our size allows us to be flexible and nimble when creating your products.

Our strong partnerships also give us the ability to get you the most favorable pricing. You’ll benefit from our proven design, quality control, logistics and supply chain muscle.


We have three major facilities across the world that offer the same services. That means that if you need something super custom and in volume, it’s no problem. And if you need to ship to Brussels within two hours and from there across the globe to Tokyo, we have that ability.

Our worldwide locations mean fast delivery of turnkey custom server and rack compute appliances. It means we can build and service in your geography of choice – Americans, EMEA or APAC.

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