Deep Learning Unleashed

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AMAX is the ultimate one-stop solution for all AI/Deep Learning needs, featuring rackscale clusters, workstations, high-performance servers, and the first-in-industry GPU over Fabrics technology to maximize GPU utilization and create on-premise Deep Learning clouds. Powered by NVIDIA® GPUs and Intel® Xeon® Processors, AMAX's Deep Learning solutions are the most powerful Deep Learning platforms on the market.

Deep Learning Platforms

AMAX’s award-winning Deep Learning series features turnkey rackscale clusters, high-performance servers and workstations specifically designed to fast track Deep Learning development, training & inference.

NVIDIA DGX Solutions

Inspired by the demands of Deep Learning and analytics, NVIDIA DGX™ Systems are built on the new, revolutionary NVIDIA Volta™ GPU platform.


AMAX's [INTELLI]Rack AI is a turnkey rackscale Machine Learning cluster designed for optimal performance and manageability. Featuring 96x NVIDIA® Tesla P100, P40s or V100s and integrated with All-Flash Storage for ultra-fast in-rack data repository, 25Gb high speed networking, [SMART]DC Data Center Manager and an In-Rack Battery for graceful shutdown in power loss scenarios, the [INTELLI]Rack AI is the perfect platform for on-premise AI clouds and DL-as-a-Service, or to drop into any data center environment for the highest-performance in training and inference at scale.

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