Data Center Performance at your Desktop

AI-ready workstations with multiple liquid-cooled GPUs deliver outstanding performance in compute-intensive AI and Deep Learning tasks.
Data Center Performance at your Desktop
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AI-Ready Data Center Performance at your Desktop

Experience the power of up to 7x NVIDIA data center GPUs (like H100, L40S or RTX 6000 Ada) in a single workstation. Enjoy instant access to enterprise grade AI-ready computing, right at your desk.

Liquid Cooled for Performance & Sustainability

Our advanced cooling system ensures maximised efficiency and minimised energy consumption during the most demanding workloads. All thanks to our patented cold plates in closed liquid cooling circuit that very efficiently transfer the heat from CPU & GPUs, keeping them at optimal temperatures.

Whisper-Quiet and Office-Friendly

Liquid cooling technology keeps vibration and noise levels low (55dB to 59dB at full load), outperforming the traditional air-cooling methods. Stand-alone, tower chassis with a standard electricity plug for an easy plug&play deployment. Ideal choice for any office setting.

Customised for Specific Workloads

Our purpose-built workstations are designed, configured, optimised and tested in-house, delivering high-performance computing out of the box without the complicated IT setup. These customised workstations are popular choice for AI developments, AR/VR experiences, complex academic research, engineering applications and demanding media and entertainment industry workloads.

Ensure Data Sovereignty

Enjoy peace of mind with on-premises workstations in your office or server room, ensuring your critical data and intellectual property remain secure and protected.

Fast shipping from US & EU

AMAX workstations are an easy, quick and efficient way to kickstart your AI project. Our experts will assist you at every step – from designing a workload-specific configuration to shipping from the most suitable location to ensure quickest deployment.

AMAX Workstation Solutions

Powered by NVIDIA RTX GPUs, our workstations combine high-end performance and efficiency, engineered to tackle even the most demanding tasks with ease. Experience lightning-fast deployment, exceptional value, and advanced cooling methods—all optimized for peak performance.

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LiquidMAX LX-2

LiquidMax™ LX-5a

7x NVIDIA GPU with Dual 4th Gen Intel® Xeon® Scalable series processors

  • Closed Loop Liquid Cooling Design
  • Intelligent LCD panel for real-time system monitoring

Ultra Quiet - Noise level of the entire workstation at full load is 59dB.

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LiquidMAX LX-2

LiquidMAX LA-2

7x NVIDIA DATA CENTER GPU with Liquid Cooling Technology

  • Up to 64 processor cores and 128 threads
  • Up to 560GB GPU Memory

Ultra Quiet - Noise level of the entire workstation at full load is 59dB.

LiquidMAX LX-2 Feature
LiquidMAX LX-2

LiquidMAX LX-2

4x NVIDIA DATA CENTER GPU with Liquid Cooling Technology

  • Up to 80 processor cores and 160 threads
  • Up to 320GB GPU Memory

Ultra Quiet Dual Socket - Noise level of the entire workstation at full load is 55dB.

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From Design to Manufacturing

Our end-to-end product development process - from design to manufacturing, ensures that every aspect of our AI workstations is meticulously crafted for optimal performance and reliability.

AI Workstation
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Professional Application

Liquid-cooled AI workstations cater to a diverse array of professionals and sectors, eaach with unique computational needs:

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AMAX experts are here to guide you every step of the way. Download our available resources now.

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"AMAX was the only vendor that could provide a computational GPU cluster with our exact specifications. They engineered a solution that not only met, but exceeded our wildest expectations."
"Samsung has received impeccable service from AMAX on everything from technical support, product consultation, to deployment guidance and after-sales service of the highest quality Deep Learning GPU servers."
"The ongoing outstanding support and partnership over the past six years from the AMAX cross functional team and senior management is a “Customer Delight”!"
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