Maximize compute resources through virtualization using VMware vSphere and ESXi. Browse the complete catalog of ESXi-compatible AMAX servers and solutions here.


As an NVIDIA Elite Solution Provider and Platinum Intel Partner, AMAX offers a variety of cutting-edge servers, workstations and HPC clusters for HPC, Deep Learning, Analytics and Media workloads. Powered by NVIDIA GPUs and Intel® Xeon Phi™, AMAX can design a high-performance solution to meet your most extreme computing requirements.


To eliminate the rigidity of vendor lock-in, AMAX offers software-agnostic open switches that can be integrated with Cumulus Linux Network OS, PicOS, IP Infusion and many more for software-defined networking (SDN) capabilities, or as a more flexible and cost-effective alternative to legacy networking products . Even better, our Open Networking products can be integrated as part of a converged cloud infrastructure.

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