NVIDIA H100 GPU Test Drive

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H100 Test Drive

Accelerate AI workloads with the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU compute server. Test drive your most demanding analytics, high-performance computing (HPC), inference, and training workloads on AMAX’s GPU accelerated servers, powered by the Hopper architecture is the most powerful endtoend AI and HPC data center platform.


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What is Included in this Free Test Drive

The AMAX NVIDIA GPU Test Drive provides instant access to a Supermicro 4U 8x GPU server that equips with the  NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPUs for free.

NVIDIA provides the AI Enterprise installation and support.

AMAX GPU Solution Architect team is available to answer questions and guide you to choose the best NVIDIA GPU solutions for your specific need.

  • GPU: 2x NVIDIA H100 PCIe 80GB
  • Processor: Dual AMD Genoa 9534 EPYC Processor, 64 cores / 128 Threads
  • Memory: 768GB DDR5-4800 ECC RDIMM
  • Storage (System): 960GB NVMe M.2 22×110 1.3DWPD SED Opal
  • Storage: 4x 960GB NVMe U.2 1DWPD