OEM Server Manufacturing

The Most Influential Tech Company You’ve Never Heard of

Born and raised in the Silicon Valley over 40 years ago, our computing solutions support the largest ISVs and OEMs companies in the world. We blend our extensive knowledge in hardware, software, and manufacturing expertise to transform our clients’ concepts into turnkey deployable appliances. From new product introduction to full-scale production, supply chain management and post-sales services, our mirrored capabilities across North America, Europe, and Asia enable innovators to seamlessly go to market worldwide. Our clients include ASML, McAfee, Raytheon, and Microsoft, so you’re in good company – let us create a solution for you.

Starting with OEM Server Appliance Solutions

Are you just launching your new product? Whether you’ve done this before or are brand new, you need to know how our process can help you succeed.

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Want to know why our supply chain is rock solid?

Why chose us? One reason: our supply chain is extraordinary. Our longevity and support from Foxconn create relationships that ensure a robust supply chain.

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How compliance protects your customers and supports industry

Certifications and compliance protect customers, but also add a layer of complexity. We handle this so you don’t need to.

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No surprises: Logistics done right

Do you want to know where all your materials are coming from, the status of each system down to the workstation? We do. We trace everything and ensure compliance and safety at every step.

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What makes an effective test plan?

We are serious about testing. We’d rather fail in the lab than have something fail in the field. That’s why we test to the maximum before your solution ships.

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Why customization and the last 20% matters

80% of your solution might be just like everyone else’s. What makes the difference is the last 20%. That’s the part that will shoot your company into hyperspace.

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Our Partners

Time to Market: AMAX gets you there

We work with software, hardware, and services companies to bring turnkey appliances and technology innovation to market faster with greater trust, security, quality, and assurance. AMAX tailors its programs to best suit each client’s requirements from concept to full production with continuous track record for on-time delivery and quality.

Product Life Cycle Management

From early design to production planning, data and processes are connected and tracked to the product of record to ensure visibility and context

Direct Sourcing

We work direct with all leading technology partners, gather all the materials, manage procurement and relationships

Engineering and Testing

Our extensive technology and market expertise supports you to verify and validate fit, function, and quality

Flexible Inventory Management

Supervision and management of stock from raw material, work-in process and finished goods

New Product Introduction Program

Bring high-quality products to market faster, reduce errors, change order, and early access to revisions for a smooth product launch

Global Manufacturing & Logistics

Manufacturing facilities in Americas, Europe, and China are backed by digital quality and control systems

Uncompromising Quality Assurance

AMAX is committed to meeting and exceeding the highest industry standards and regulations. Our proprietary quality standards put every product through rigorous testing and validation, ensuring each build deploys with the highest quality and field reliability.

OEM- Server Manufacturing

Rigorous Quality & Testing Standards

  • Exclusive automated test suite
  • On-going Reliability Test (ORT)
  • Environmental Stress Screening (ESS)
  • Mature Validation Test Processes
    + Engineering Validation Test (EVT)
    + Design Verification Test (DVT)
    + Production Validation Test (PVT)
  • Drop Test
  • Highly Accelerated Life Test (HALT)
  • International Compliance Certifications
  • Safe & Secure Manufacturing
  • Certifications
    + Compliance to highest industry standards

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