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IntelliRack L100

IntelliRack L100
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The AMAX IntelliRack L100 delivers advanced cooling with its hybrid liquid-to-liquid and air-to-air system, optimized for a 600mm x 1068mm x 2295mm rack and a 100kW capacity, ensuring 80% heat dissipation through liquid. Compatible with RU/OU 21" servers, it features 1+1 pump redundancy and 2+1 PSUs for reliable operation. Designed for ease of maintenance with a blind-mate mechanism, front access, and hot swappable components, the IntelliRack L100 is the go-to solution for high-performance computing needs, providing a scalable and efficient way to handle demanding IT environments.

IntelliRack L100

Liquid-to-Liquid and Air-to-Liquid

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Product NameIntelliRack L100
Cooling MechanismLiquid-to-Liquid and Air-to-Air
Rack Size600mm x 1068mm x 2295mm
Cooling Capability100kW (80% heat dissipated through liquid)
Computing NodeRU/OU 21" server compatible
Redundancy1+1 pumps, 2 +1 PSUs
ServiceabilityBlind-mate mechanism, Front Access IT equipment, Slide-rails compatible, Hot swappable pumps, PSUs, control board