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One Giant GPU

NVIDIA introduces the Grace Blackwell DGX GB200 series, it connects two high-performance NVIDIA Blackwell Tensor Core GPUs and the NVIDIA Grace CPU with the NVLink-Chip-to-Chip (C2C) interface that delivers 900 GB/s of bidirectional bandwidth. With NVLink-C2C, applications have coherent access to a unified memory space.

The NVIDIA DGX GB200 NVL72 offers 36 Grace CPUs and 72 Blackwell GPUs within a single rack-scale design. The liquid-cooled, exaflop-per-rack solution delivers unprecedented real-time capabilities for trillion-parameter large language models (LLMs), setting a new benchmark in the industry.

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Unlocking Real-Time Trillion-Parameter Models

  • Enhanced Natural Language Processing (NLP): These models excel in complex NLP tasks including translation, question answering, summarization, and improving language fluency.
  • Improved Contextual Understanding: They are capable of maintaining extended conversational context, significantly advancing chatbots and virtual assistant technologies.
  • Multimodal Applications: By integrating language, vision, and speech, these models unlock new possibilities in AI's ability to understand and interact with the world.
  • Creative and Generative AI: From generating stories and poetry to coding, these models are fueling a new era of creative AI applications.
  • Scientific Breakthroughs: Their application in fields like protein folding and drug discovery is accelerating scientific research and innovation.
  • Advanced Personalization: Trillion-parameter models can develop unique personalities and remember individual user contexts, offering personalized experiences like never before.

NVIDIA GB200 NVL36 and NVL72

NVLink Switch System Source: NVIDIA

The NVIDIA GB200 NVL36 and NVL72 models support GPU configurations of 36 and 72 units within NVLink domains. Each system comprises 18 compute nodes built on the MGX reference design alongside the NVLink Switch System. The NVL36 version houses 36 GPUs across a single rack with 18 individual GB200 compute nodes. In contrast, the NVL72 option accommodates 72 GPUs either in a single rack with 18 double GB200 compute nodes or across two racks with 18 single nodes each.

For efficient operations, the GB200 NVL72 utilizes a copper cable cartridge to connect GPUs tightly. This model also incorporates a liquid cooling system that significantly reduces costs and energy use by 25 times.

The NVIDIA GB200 NVL72 features the latest, fifth-generation NVLink technology, enabling connectivity for up to 576 GPUs within a single NVLink domain. This setup boasts a total bandwidth surpassing 1 petabyte per second and supports 240 terabytes of rapid access memory. Each NVLink switch tray is equipped with 144 NVLink ports, each offering 100 GB of bandwidth, allowing nine switches to interconnect the 18 NVLink ports found on each of the 72 Blackwell GPUs.

High-speed NVLink Switch interconnect delivers 1 PB/s of aggregate bandwidth to GPUs Source: NVIDIA

This model achieves an impressive 1.8 terabytes per second of bidirectional throughput for each GPU, marking more than a fourteenfold increase over the bandwidth provided by PCIe Gen5. This ensures high-speed, efficient communication for handling the most demanding large-scale models of today.

Exascale Computing in a Single Rack

NVIDIA's GB200 NVL72 redefines what's possible with exascale computing, offering the largest NVLink® domain to date. This enables 130 terabytes per second (TB/s) of low-latency GPU communication, catering to the most demanding AI and high-performance computing (HPC) workloads.

The GB200 delivers 30x real-time throughput compared to the H100 Source: NVIDIA

Key Highlights

  • Next-Generation AI and Accelerated Computing: The GB200 NVL72 excels in LLM inference, training, energy efficiency, and data processing, showcasing significant improvements over the NVIDIA H100 Tensor Core GPU.
  • Innovative Architecture: The NVIDIA Blackwell architecture introduces new Tensor Cores and microscaling formats, enhancing accuracy and throughput for AI applications.
  • Energy-Efficient Infrastructure: Through its liquid-cooled design, the GB200 NVL72 significantly reduces energy consumption and carbon footprint, offering 25 times more performance at the same power usage compared to air-cooled alternatives.
  • Enhanced Data Processing: Leveraging high-bandwidth memory and dedicated decompression engines, the GB200 NVL72 speeds up database queries significantly, demonstrating a profound impact on enterprise data handling and analysis.


Specification GB200 NVL72 GB200 Grace Blackwell Superchip
Configuration 36 Grace CPU : 72 Blackwell GPUs 1 Grace CPU : 2 Blackwell GPU
FP4 Tensor Core 1,440 PFLOPS 40 PFLOPS
FP8/FP6 Tensor Core 720 PFLOPS 20 PFLOPS
INT8 Tensor Core 720 POPS 20 POPS
FP16/BF16 Tensor Core 360 PFLOPS 10 PFLOPS
TF32 Tensor Core 180 PFLOPS 5 PFLOPS
FP64 Tensor Core 3,240 TFLOPS 90 TFLOPS
GPU Memory | Bandwidth Up to 13.5 TB HBM3e | 576 TB/s Up to 384 GB HBM3e | 16 TB/s
NVLink Bandwidth 130TB/s 3.6TB/s
CPU Core Count 2,592 Arm® Neoverse V2 cores 72 Arm Neoverse V2 cores
CPU Memory | Bandwidth Up to 17 TB LPDDR5X | Up to 18.4 TB/s Up to 480GB LPDDR5X | Up to 512 GB/s
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