A message from the CEO

To our valued customers and partners,

These are trying and uncertain times for everyone. My thoughts are with all of those who are putting themselves at risk to care for the ill and for those that are keeping the fabric of society running.

Covid-19 is already making massive impacts to behaviors and economies while we come together to end the spread of the virus. We’re all adjusting the way we live and work. For many companies that are on digital transformation journeys, it’s essential that enterprises small and large continue to build operational resilience to rise above the new reality that we’re facing. For the companies that are farther along the path, value creation from IT and digital transformation are showing its fruits. This is the time to accelerate the transition into digital organizations as the environment has created an increased need for technology. Over the past month, AMAX has shifted as many employees as possible to a work-at-home model and have taken measures to keep them healthy and safe. Our interactions with our teams, customers and operations are happening through screens. We are working in more connected ways than before.

Like many companies, AMAX has implemented numerous containment measures to protect our employees from acquiring or spreading the COVID-19 virus. Employees non-essential to fulfillment are working from home. We have implemented policies that restrict all international and domestic travel. We have shut down our corporate office and cancelled participation in all physical events. We have taken actions to bolster our financial strength, minimize furlough and avoid layoffs. Our customer focused teams, technical support, and services teams stand ready to remotely assist customers at any time, in any region. We believe that taking these measures in accordance with local mandates, we can continue to effectively serve the needs of your business until the crisis ends.

As your company is taking similar measures, we understand how disruptive they can be. Nevertheless, we are proactively prepared to provide the products and services that our clients expect from AMAX 40 years of service. We are tirelessly working across our supply chain and customer support teams to deliver.

To counter disruptions related to our corporate office shut down, if your employees encounter OEM fulfillment challenges, we will be pleased to collaborate with you to diagnose those issues, find work-arounds, and discuss options to allow you to fulfill demand. Please contact your customer-focus team lead and account managers.

For our enterprise customers, if you need support or capacity to carry out basic operations and keep essential business running in the fight against COVID-19, we can provide “white glove” support. We ask these customers to contact AMAX Technical Support at 800.889.2629 to ensure we are aware of how to best support your efforts.

For our smart manufacturing and industrial automation customers, we know that project timelines remain important. Where it is not practical to work onsite, we will look for options to staff these projects at offsite alternative locations whenever possible.
We are only at the beginning of what will likely be a long and difficult journey. I am confident that if we work together and stay determined, we will emerge stronger and more connected than ever before.

Jerry Shih , AMAX CEO